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/Miss Limukani T. Dube
Miss Limukani T. Dube

Position: Assistant Lecturer

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(MA, BA Hons-MSU).

Research Interests

  • Development of indigenous languages
  • Language policy and planning.


  • The socio-cultural and religious significance of BaKalanga children’s personal names of Bulilima and Mangwe districts: A historical Inquiry-African Journal of Children’s Literature Vol 1 No.2. 2017
  • The integration and use of Indigenous Knowledge in early childhood development in Kalanga communities- African Journal of Children’s Literature Vol 1 No.1 2017

Community engagement

  • An Associate member of Social Responsibility Committee at MSU
  • Departmental Representative for Alumni (MSU)
  • A member of Bulawayo Art Gallery
  • A member of Kalanga Language and Cultural Development Association(KLCDA)

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