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/Miss Florence Mudzurandende
Miss Florence Mudzurandende

Position: Lecturer

Department: Business Management
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  • B.Com Business Management (MSU)
  • M.Com Strategic Management & Corporate Governance (MSU)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (MSU)

Research Interest

  • Business Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Social Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Culture
  • E-commerce


  • Sikomwe S, Mudzurandende F, Mugwati M and Kandufa P,(2012); Gender Mainstreaming in Organisations. A Review of Women Empowerment Initiatives in Zimbabwean Tertiary institutions. A Case of Midlands State University. Moi University Press
  • Mudzurandende F, Maibvisira G and Nyarugwe W,(2012); Causes and Effects of Financial Exclusion in the Banking Sector. The case of Zimbabwe: International Journal of Multi-disciplinary Research Academy (IJMRA).
  • Sikomwe S, Mudzurandende F, Mavurawa B and Kandufa P, (2014); Measuring the relationship between board composition; The Proportion of Non-Executive Directors on Board, Board size and CEO Duality, and Performance. A case of Zimbabwe Stock exchange Listed Banking and Financial Firms. European Journal of Business and Management
  • Sikomwe S, Kandufa P, Giga D and Mudzurandende F, (2014); Analyzing Business failure in relation to the Life cycle of the Business and the Economic Cycle: A study of the Entrepreneurial Ventures in Hwange (Zimbabwe). European Journal of Business and Management
  • Sikomwe S and Mudzurandende F,(2014); Corporate Governance in a Constrained Economy. Journal of Zimbabwe Studies: Arts, Humanities and Education Volume 2.
  • Mugwati M, Nkala D, Mudzurandende F, Mazhindu C,(2014); Marketing : A new Strategy for State Universities in Zimbabwe: Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, Vol 8(2).
  • Mudzurandende F, (2015), Corporate culture and Social Impact, International Journal of Multi-disciplinary Research Academy (IJMRA).

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