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/Miss Maureen Gumbo
Miss Maureen Gumbo

Position: Lecturer

Department: Chemical Sciences
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  • BSc Chemical Technology (MSU).
  • MSc Organic Chemistry (Rhodes University).

Research Interests

  • Applied synthetic organic chemistry.
  • Metal-Organic Frameworks and applications.
  • Catalysis.   


  • Maureen Gumbo,Richard M. Beteck,Tawanda Mandizvo, Ronnett Seldon ,Digby F. Warner, Heinrich C. Hoppe, Michelle Isaacs,Dustin Laming, Christina C. Tam, Luisa W. Cheng, Nicole Liu, Kirkwood M. Land and Setshaba D. Khanye. Cinnamoyl-Oxaborole Amides: Synthesis and Their in Vitro Biological Activity. Molecules 2018, 23(8), 2038.

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