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/Miss Tatenda Yvonne Mupasu
Miss Tatenda Yvonne Mupasu

Position: Lecturer

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  • Master of Science in International Affairs Degree
  • Bachelor of Science in Politics and Public Management Honours Degree
  • Executive Certificate in Diplomacy, Protocol, Etiquette and Proffesional Branding 

Research Interests:

  • International Relations
  • Peace and Security 
  • Geopolitics
  • Elections and Electoral Systems 
  • Foreign Policy
  • African Politics
  • Political Theory
  • Democracy and Human Rights
  • Regional Intergration
  • International Politics




1. Mupasu T.Y. & Marawako J. (2022). Unpacking Civil-Military Relations Trajectory in The New Dispensation in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Law and Public Policy. 

2. Mupasu T.Y. & Marawako J. (2022). An Examination of the Drivers in Zimbabwe’s Military intervention in the Mozambican Civil War From 1975-1992. Indiana Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences.


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