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/Dr A Chilunjika  
Dr A Chilunjika  

Position: Chairperson


  • PhD. in Public Management and Governance, University of Johannesburg (2015-2018).
  • Master of Public Administration, University of Zimbabwe (2010-2012).
  • BSc Honours in Administration, University of Zimbabwe (2006-2009).
  • Research Methodology Training for PhD Candidates (OSSREA)
  • Certificate in University Teaching and Learning (UCTL-UZ).

 Research Interests:

  • Public Management
  • Public Policy Formulation and Analysis
  • Public Finance
  • Public Sector Corporate Governance
  • Local Governance
  • Tolling Systems
  • Conflict Transformation

Community Engagement:

  • Co-Editor of the Social Science Journal
  • Faculty Representative- Research Committee



  • Zhou, G
    and Chilunjika, A. (2013) “The
    Challenges of Self-Financing in Local Authorities: The Case of Zimbabwe.” International Journal of Humanities and
    Social Science.
    Volume 3, No.11.
  • Zhou, G and Chilunjika, A (2013) “Mobilizing
    Domestic Revenue through Toll Gate Systems in Zimbabwe”. International Journal of Business and
    Social Science.
    Volume 4, No. 7.
  • Zhou, G and Chilunjika, A (2013) A Peep into the Sources of Policy Implementation Inertia in Africa: The Case of the Matebeleland Zambezi Water Project in Zimbabwe. Asian Journal of Empirical Research. 3(4): 447-463.
  • Chilunjika, A and Uwizeyimana, D.E. (2015) Shifts in the Zimbabwean Land Reform Discourse from 1980 to the Present. African Journal of Public Affairs. Volume 8, No. 3.
  • Chilunjika, A and Uwizeyimana, D. E. (2015) Contextualising Climate Change: Theoretical Considerations. Administratio Publica. Volume 23, Issue 23.
  • Chilunjika, A, Chikova, R. and Uwizeyimana, D. E. (2016) Reflections on the Constitutional Debt Management Frameworks in Zimbabwe. Journal of Economics and Finance. Volume 7, Issue 3.
  • Chilunjika, A. (2016) Assessing The Operationalisation Of The Results Based Management Approach In The Ministry Of Transport, Communication And Infrastructural Development In
    Zimbabwe. Public Policy and Administration Research. Volume 6, No. 6.
  • Chigora, P. and Chilunjika, A. (2016) Dealing with Electoral Fraud in Zimbabwe: A Critical Appraisal of the 2012 Electoral Act. IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science. Volume 21, Issue 11.
  • Zhou, G and Chilunjika, A (2017) The American Fiscal Cliff Discourse and Fiscal Management in Zimbabwe in the Post 2000 Era: Parallels and Lessons. Zambezia. Volume 42, No i/ii.
  • Zimano,F.R., Keresencia, M. and  Chilunjika, A., 2018, ‘‘Clutch-the-ear’ and get enrolled: The antagonistic intrusion of indigenous knowledge systems to the detriment of contemporary educational developments’, South African Journal of Childhood Education 8(1), a557.


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