Staff Profile

/Dr Albert Chibuwe


  • D’Litt et Phil in Communication Studies
  • MSc Media and Society Studies,
  • Post-Graduate Diploma Media and Society Studies
  • B.A. Media Studies, Diploma in Education.
  • Diploma in Education

Research Interests:

  • Political Communication and/Political marketing
  • media framing.
  • Social media 
  • Journalism education and practice


  • Munoriyarwa, A. and Chibuwe, A. (2021). Journalism beyond the Arab Springs: Emerging forms of journalism practice in post-coup Zimbabwe. Digital Journalism DOI:10.1080/21670811.2021.1957966
  • Chibuwe, A., Mpofu, P. and Bhowa, K. (2021). Naming the ghost: Self-naming, pseudonyms and identities of phantoms on Zimbabwean Twitter. Social Media + Society July-September 2021: 1–12
    • Bare, K., Ncube, L. and Chibuwe, A. (2021). Media, Big men and power struggles in football bodies: Framing of the impasse between the Zimbabwe Football Association and the Premier Soccer League leadership in selected media. Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies,
    • Chibuwe, A. (2020). The nexus of journalism and political activism and implications for professional journalism in Zimbabwe post-2000. – Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Studies,
    • Chibuwe, A. and Salawu, A. (2020). Training for English language or indigenous language media journalism: A decolonial critique of Zimbabwean journalism and media training institutions’ training practices. Journal of African Media Studies 12(2):137-156,
    • Chibuwe, A. and Salawu, A. (2020). Mainstream English language press journalists’ perceptions towards the indigenous language press in Zimbabwe. African Journalism Studies
    • Chibuwe, A. (2020). Social Media and Elections in Zimbabwe: Twitter war between Pro-ZANU-PF and Pro-MDC-A Netizens. Communicatio: South African Journal for Communication Theory and Research 46 Issue 4 (2020):7-30,
    • Chibuwe, A. (2019). ‘What a peaceful campaign!’ The peace discourse as ZANU-PF’s legitimacy seeking tool in the July 2013 elections. African Identities, Vol. 17 (3-4): 163-174,
    • Chibuwe, A. (2019). The interface between the western and the indigenous Zimbabwean signs in ZANU-PF advertisements for the July 2013 elections. Communicatio: South African Journal for Communication Theory and Research, DOI:
    • Chibuwe, A. (2019). Media coverage of the Zimbabwean elections: An analysis of trends from 2013 to 2018. Journal of Communication and Media Research, Vol. 11 (2): 133 – 145.
    • Chibuwe, A. (2017/2020). “I am as fit as a fiddle”: Selling the Mugabe brand in the 2013 elections in Zimbabwe. Journal of Political Marketing 19(3), 279-300.
    • Chibuwe, A. (2017). Language and (re)production of dominance: Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) advertisements for July 2013 elections. Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies, 31(1), 18-33,
    • Chibuwe, A. & Ureke, O. (2016). ‘Political gladiators’ on Facebook in Zimbabwe: A discursive analysis of intra-ZANU-PF cyber wars; Baba Jukwa versus Amai Jukwa. Media, Culture & Society, Volume 38, Issue 8 (2016), 1247-1260.
    • Chibuwe, A. (2016). The Herald and Daily News’ framing of the leaked Zimbabwean draft constitution and Vice President Joice Mujuru’s fall from grace. International Journal of Communication, Vol 10(2016), 1660-1676.
    • Chibuwe, A. (2013). A research agenda for political advertising in Africa: The case of Zimbabwe. Global Media Journal African Edition 2013 Vol. 7 (2): 116-139.

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