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/Mr Alfred Mafuka
Mr Alfred Mafuka

Position: Lecturer

Department: Management Sciences
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  • Dip BS (UZ),
  • BBS (UZ),
  • MBA (UZ)

Research Interests

  • Change Management,
  • Operations Management


  • Mafumbate J, Ndlovu N, Mafuka A, Chivivi O.O Nyabvure T,(2013); The analysis of the internal disciplinary systems used in redressing employee indiscipline in the Delta Beverages transport services: International Journal of Management, IT and Engineering, Vol 3 Issue 4.
  • Mafumbate J, Chivivi O.O, Mafuka A, Ndlovu N (2013); An evaluation of the effectiveness of Auditing on fraud management in the zimbabwean medical industry: International Journal of Management, IT and Engineering, Vol 3 Issue 7.
  • Mafumbate J, Mafuka A, Nyanhete E,(2012); Evaluation of survival strategies used by Gweru SMEs in the motor oil industry: Dyke Journal Vol 6 No. 2
  • Mafumbate J (20…); An analysis of customer retention strategies used by international money transfers in Zimbabwe; International Journal of Management, IT and Engineering Vol 4 Issue 4.
  • Mafumbate J, Mafuka A, Nkomo F, Charumbira M ,(2013); An analysis of the causes of bank fragility in Zimbabwe. IJMR

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