Staff Profile

/Mr Caven Masuku
Mr Caven Masuku



  • Masters of Science in Media and Society Studies(2009)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Media Studies (2007)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in tertiary Education (2014)
  • BA English and Communication Studies (2005)
  • National certificate in Computer Studies (2000)


Research Interest:

  • Journalism,
  • ICTs and news coverage,
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Relations,
  • Media and Social Network Sites,
  • Media and Environment,
  • Organisational Communication


Journal articles

  • A comparative assessment of the approaches and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility by Econet and National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) 2010. The Dyke. Vol. 6(1), pp 50-66 (2012) (ISSN 1815-9036)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility as an invention of Public Relations: A case of Econet and National Railways of Zimbabwe (2013). Journal of Media and Communication Studies. Vol. 5(8), pp. 113-122. September, 2013.
  • An assessment to the use of Facebook as a communication tool by Midlands State University students from 2012 to 2013. Journal of Media and Communication Studies. Vol. 6(8), pp. 130-143. August 2014.
  • Professional Journalism and the coverage of Indigenization in the mining sector by The Herald and The Daily News in Zimbabwe (2015). Research Journal in Organisational Psychology and Education Studies. Vol 4(2) 43-47 (2015) (ISSN:2276-8475).
  • Community Social responsibility strategies employed by Unki Mine to enhance their corporate Reputation (2014). Journal of Emerging Trends in Educational Research and Policy Studies (JETERAPS) 5(8): 224-228. 2014 (ISSN: 2141-6990)
  • Organizational Communication Strategies used by Unki Mine for community engagement and development (2013). International Journal of Physical and Social Sciences .Vol. 4(6), pp. 51-77. June 2014 ISSN: 2249-5894.
  • Practices and approaches of Corporate Citizenship by Public relations (PR) department at Nestle Zimbabwe to enhance corporate reputation from 2010 to 2013. International Journal of Innovative and Applied Research (2014), Volume 2, Issue (2): 32-46. ISSN 2348 – 0319.
  • Revisiting marketing strategies by Savanna Tobacco for Brand, Image and Identity (2015) International Journal of Media, Journalism and Mass Communications (IJMJMC) Volume 1, Issue 1, 2015, PP 18-25.
  • Effectiveness of organisational communication channels used by Hwange Colliery company to communicate with its public to enhance corporate reputation. (2014). International Journal of Innovative and Applied Research (2014), Volume 2, Issue (1): 1- 12.ISSN 2348-0319
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  • Uptake of Citizen Journalism by Mainstream Print Media in Zimbabwe: The Case of The Herald and The Sunday Mail (2013)

Textbook (Available Online)

  • Approaches And Practices Of Corporate Social Responsibility By Econet And National Railways Of Zimbabwe. German. Lambert Academic Publishers.