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/Mr C. Mhonde
Mr C. Mhonde

Lecturer, Department of Business Management


  • B.Tech Management(UZ)
  • MBA (MSU)

Research Interests:

  • SMEs
  • Investment
  • Strategic management


  • Mhonde C, Nyamwznza T, Sikomwe S (2011); Evaluation of pricing strategies used by informal retail traders in Gweru CBD Area. The Dyke
  • Sikomwe S, Mhonde C, Mudemwa M, Mavhiki S, Mapetere D, (2011); Critical perspectives on Succession Planning in the commuter transport sector in Zimbabwe. Journal of Business and Social Sciences
  • Mhonde C,(2012); The role of leadership in strategy implementation in state owned enterprises: Journal of Business and Social Sciences.

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