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/Mr Charles Nyamutowa


  • Bsc Honours Agricultural Economics (UZ),
  • Master of Business Administration (Financial services) UZ
  • PDTE (MSU)

 Research interests:

  • Agricultural commodity markets
  • Rural capital


  • Mupaso N., Nyamutowa C., Masunda S., Chipunza N and Mugabe D. 2014. Characterisation of smallholder irrigation schemes in Chirumanzu district, Zimbabwe. Journal of Agricultural Science. 6 (2)
  • Assessing the readiness of Zimbabwe in adopting a Agricultural commodities and Derivatives Market-A review paper, MSUJSAT 2014, Nyamutowa C, Mupaso N , Masunda S
  • Perspectives on the effectiveness of NGO initiatives in urban agriculture in Zimbabwe Sami B, Nyamutowa C,, Gwazane M , International Journal of Scientific Research, ISSN-2277-8179, Volume 3, Feb 2014
  • Nyamutowa C and Masunda S (2013) – Review of Credit risk Management Practices in Commerical Banks in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Economics and Research, Vol 4


  • Murowa Diamonds -Monitoring and Evaluation for sustainable development projects, Masaka J,Nyamutowa C, Manjeru P, 2012 2013
  • Feasibility of relocation for mining activities, Murowa Diamonds, Masaka J, Nyamutowa C, Manjeru P             2013
  • Land valuation. Esssar (India): Land and Natural resources , and Land Laws Review paper Masaka             J,Nyamutowa C, Manjeru P



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