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/Mr Tamisai Chipunza
Mr Tamisai Chipunza

Position: Chairperson

Department: Economic Sciences
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  • MSc Economics (UZ)
  • BSc Economics (UZ)

Research interests:

  • Health Economics


  • Chipunza, T., Chikuta, O., &Nkomazana, N., 2013,Economic benefits from the 2010 FIFA World Cup – the Case of Zimbabwe’s hotel and lodging sector, International Journal of Business Management & Administration, 2(7).
  • Mhere, F., Chipunza, T. &Masunda, S., 2013. Investigating the relationship between Education & Economic Growth in Zimbabwe,Journal of International Business & Economics, 13(1).
  • Chipunza, T &Charumbira, M. An Econometric Estimation of the Child Health Production Function for Zimbabwe. [Published as discussion paper number 96 (2009), School of Economics and Finance, University of KwaZulu Natal.
  • Chipunza, T.& Kazembe, C. Systematic Risk and Investment in Zimbabwe – Challenges and Prescriptions. [Paper presented at an MSU workshop, Launch of Centre for Entrepreneurship, Fairmile Motel, Gweru, October 2009. Also published as discussion paper number 104 (2010) in the University of KwaZulu Natal’s Discussion Paper series]


  • Post Budget Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health and child Care (Parliament of Zimbabwe, December 2015).

Community Engagement:

  • University Timetable Committee
  • Editorial and Publications Committee
  • Quality Control Committee

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