Staff Profile

/Dr Claudio Chipendo


  • MTED (Music) (UZ),
  • BEd Music (UZ),
  • Grade 7 Music theory (ABRSM),
  • Grade 6 Guitar (ABRSM),
  • Dip Ethnomusicology (ZCM)
  • CE (UZ)

Research Interests:

  • African Music and Dance


  • We were robbed: Some Research Informants in Zimbabwe speak out on some music researchers’ dishonesty and dis-regard of ethical issues.
  • Prejudice and irrelevance. The dilemma facing the music curriculum at many universities in Africa
  • We are scientists too. Mbira dzeNharira innovations on the instrument mbira and its music.
  • The Other Hidden Functions of Mbira
  • The dilemma facing African traditional Music In healing practitioners
  • Teaching Music to handicapped Children

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