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/Dr D Mawere
Dr D Mawere

Position: Lecturer

Department: Gender Institute
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  • Certificate in Education,
  • Bachelor of Education (History and Sociology of Education),
  • Masters in Sociology of Education
  • DED candidate in Comparative Education at University of South Africa (UNISA).
  • He has supervised dissertations for diploma and under-graduate studies

Research Interests

  • Gender justice in education;
  • Gender and research productivity;
  • Gender violence and gender and policy issues. 


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  • Katsinde, T. J. Mawere, D. (2012) Citizenship Education and Conflict Transformation Module. Bindura University of Science Education, Bindura.  (13 Units)
  • Mawere, D. (2013) An Evaluation of the implementation of the National Gender Policy in Teacher Education in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Asian Social Science 2013 Vol/3 No. 2 pp443 – 450
  • Mawere,D  (2013) An Evaluation of the Nziramasanga Report of Inquiry into Education in Zimbabwe, 1999: The case of gender equity in Education. International Journal of Asian Social Science 2013 Vol/3 No. 5 pp 1077 – 1088.
  • Chiromo, A.S., Mutemeri, J., Mawere, D. (2013) Stakeholders’ Perceptions About Causes of Students’ Poor Performance in Secondary Schools in the Lower Gweru Circuit in Zimbabwe. In THE DYKE Vol.  7 No. 1 2013 pp49 – 70
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  • Mawere, P. & Mawere, D. (2018). Challenges encountered in the implementation of inclusive early childhood development in private settings in Gweru: A case study of private preschools in Gweru Zimbabwe. International Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies (IJIRAS) Vol.5 No.5 May 2018


Conferences, Seminars and Workshops attended:

  • Towards a gender policy in higher education (2000) Montclair Hotel.
  • Training programme on gender awareness, Women’s Trust. 14 to 16 October 2005 at MSU.
  • Gender Sensitisation workshop Fair Mile Motel Gweru 9 December 2005 organised by women’s’ Institute of Governance, Zimbabwe
  • Capacity Building workshop organised by the women’s Institute of Governance Midlands state University Gweru 20-24 February 2006 Zimbabwe.
  • Faculty of Education seminar and paper presentation on sexual harassment in institutions of higher learning at Midlands State University 17 July 2006 Zimbabwe.
  • Research seminar and presentation on Research and publication skills organised by the Faculty of Education Midlands state University, 12 August 2006, Gweru, Zimbabwe.
  • Gender Sensitisation workshop organised by Midlands State University Gweru 28-29 September2006, Zimbabwe.
  • Gender Sensitisation Day. 31 October 2007. Venue: Great Hall, MSU.
  • 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence, Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe, 1 December 2007. Fair mile Hotel, Gweru.
  • Gender Sensitisation and Empowerment workshop, SHAPE Zimbabwe, 16 May 2008 Venue: The Village Lodge, Gweru.
  • Student sensitisation workshop organised by Legal Resources Foundation at Midlands State University Zimbabwe October 2009
  • The 8th S Social Sciences Research seminar series at Midlands state University, Gweru, Zimbabwe September 2010.
  • Research Board seminar on Research and publication at Midlands state University, Gweru, Zimbabwe August 2011.
  • Research Board Seminar on PHD proposal writing 5 December 2011 at Midlands state University.
  • Faculty of education research standardisation workshop 18 February 2012
  • Legal Resources Foundation workshop on legal empowerment  and community Sensitisation Workshop sponsored by Musasa Project  September,2013 at Fair Mile Hotel.
  • Faculty of education Project standardisation workshop.  University Seminar Room 1. 2013.
  • Elsevier Research Workshop 27 July 2016. Midlands State University  Great Hall

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