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/Dr Douglas Munemo
Dr Douglas Munemo

Position: Senior Lecturer

Department: Development Studies
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  • PhD – Doctor of Philosophy in Development Studies,University of South Africa
  • M.A (MSU)
  •  B.A (UZ)
  • , Dip Ed (UZ)

Modules taught – Peace, Conflict and Development, Conflict and Human Displacement,Introduction to Conflict Resolution, Peace and Reconciliation

Research interests

  • Peace, Conflict and Development in Africa,
  • Conflict Management
  • Disaster Management
  • Constitutionalism in Africa,
  • Coloniality and Decoloniality,
  • Politics,
  • Governance and Development

Publications: 1.Munemo, D. (2014). “A Comparative Study of the Nexus between Modes of Liberation and Regime Survival: The Case of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Repositioning Humanities,” Journal of Contemporary Research, Vol.1.No. 1. 2.Munemo, D and Nciizah, E. (2014). “The Church in Zimbabwe’s Peace and Reconciliation Process under the Government of National Unity (2009-2013)” IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IOSR-JHSS) Volume 19, Issue 10. 3.Munemo, D (2013) “The Significance of Maintaining Past Economic Zones of Production in Zimbabwe’s Third Chimurenga”, Journal of African Security, Peace and Tolerance Studies Vol 1, No, 1,   4.Munemo, D and Chigora, P (2013) “The Efficacy of a Multi-Stakeholder Conflict Early Warning And Response Mechanism In Zimbabwe” OSSERIA Bulletin Vol X  No 1   Munemo, D (2012) “An Analysis of the Challenges to National Healing and Reconciliation and Prospects for Development in the Aftermath of Zimbabwe’s 2008 Political Violence”. Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, 9: 311-318

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