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/Dr Edson Paul Mutema
Dr Edson Paul Mutema

Position: Chairperson

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  •   Dphil Local Governance studies    (MSU)                               Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education ( student)
  • Professional Training Programme for TAs (MSU)
  • Msc Human Resource Management (MSU)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Health Services Management (Hre  Poly)
  • Diploma in HRM (IPMZ)
  • BSc Politics and Administration (UZ)     

Research interests:   

  • Local economic development,
  • corporate governance,
  • public sector ethics,
  • local governance ethics,
  • local government administration and land reform


  • Mutema .E.P et al (2012) Special Interest councilors in Zimbabwean Local Authorities: Opportunities and challenges, Global Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 11 no.1 (2012)
  • Mutema .E.P and Masiya,T.(2012) An analysis of barriers to independence of councilors in Zimbabwean Urban local authorities The Dyke Vol.6.4 (2012)
  • Mutema, E.P (2012) Debating the implications of the Urban Councils Act Chapter 29.15 on the practice of good corporate governance in Zimbabwe’s urban local authorities. International journal of Asian Social Science 2 (11):2084-2095 
  • Mutema, E.P (2012) The fast track land reform programme: Reflecting on the challenges and opportunities for former farm workers at Fairfield farm in Gweru district, Zimbabwe. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa (volume 14, No.5, 2012)
  • Kanyane MH and Mutema E.P (2015) Uprooting corruption and harnessing ethical leadership in Zimbabwe. In Charles OK Allen-ILE.Kanyane M H and Isioma U ILE ( eds) in Governance  and resource management in Southern Africa ,Reach Publishers ,South Africa

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