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/Mr Farirepi Mugozhi
Mr Farirepi Mugozhi
Mr Farirepi Mugozhi

Position: Acting Chairperson

Department: Accounting Sciences
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  • MCom Acc  (MSU)
  • BAcc (UZ)

Research Interests:

  • IFRS Compliance and value relevance
  • Corporate failure


  • Mugozhi F and Ngirazi A, An assessment of the application and the corporate failure predictive value of Altman’s Z-score model in Zimbabwe , GSTF Journal on Business Review (GBR) Vol.4 No.4, October 2016
  • Hlabiso G and Mugozhi F, Commercial Uses of Sweet Potatoes—a Missing Link to Community Development: A Case Study of Rural Zimbabwe, Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review, Volume 33, Number 2, June 2017, pp. 29-41
  • Mabwe L and Mugozhi F, An Analysis into the Implementation of Presumptive Tax Legislation in Zimbabwe, The International Journal Of Business & Management, Vol 6, Issue 2, February, 2018
  • Mugozhi F, Nyamwanza L, Sitsha L and Chivizhe M, The Effects of Exchange Rates Fluctuations on the Performance of a Manufacturing Concern in a Hyperinflationary Environment: A Case of Delta Beverages Zimbabwe, The International Journal Of Business & Management, Vol 8 Issue 8, August, 2020
  • Hlabiso G and Mugozhi F, Customer Satisfaction and Commuter Transport Services a Quandary: A Case Study of Zimbabwe Commuter Omnibus Transport Services, Greener Journal of Business and Management Studies, 6 (2), pp. 057-065, July 2016.
  • Mugozhi F and Hlabiso G, Determinants of Small to Medium Enterprises’ Success or Failure: An Ex-post Appraisal of Startup Business by Young Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe, The International Journal Of Humanities & Social Studies, Vol 5 Issue 3 March, 2017
  • Sitsha L; Mugozhi F; Nyamwanza L; Muhomba M.. The impact of trade credit in a market distorted by currency disruptions: A case of BOC Gases , The Dyke, vol. 14 No. 1 of 2020

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