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/Dr Gabriel Maibvisira
Dr Gabriel Maibvisira

Position: Senior Lecturer

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  • B.Com (Hons) Marketing
  • Diploma in Business Leadership
  • Master of Commerce Strategic Management & Corporate Governance
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education
  • Doctor of Business Administration -University of KwaZulu Natal

Research Interest

  • Leadership
  • Change management
  • Organisational/Corporate behavior
  • Ethics and organizational development
  • Strategic management
  • Corporate Governance 


1. Maibvisira, G. Tefera, O. (2022).The Impact of Servant Leadership on the Performance of Commercialised State-owned Enterprises in Zimbabwe: An Empirical Study. African Journal of Business and Economic Research-Volume 17, No. 1. 2.

2.  Maibvisira,G. Mutambara,E. Mashia, C. (2022). Organisational Citizenship Behaviour’s Antecedents as Predictors of Job Satisfaction: Empirical Evidence from Banks in Emerging Economies. The Journal of Governance and Regulation (ISSN – 2220-9352 ( ISSN – 2306-6784 (online version)) in 2022 3.

3. Maibvisira,G. Muregwi, G. and Mutambara, E.(2022).The impact of Experience and Age of Board Members on Profitability and Efficiency: Evidence from State Enterprises and Parastatals in Emerging Markets. Journal of Governance and Regulation in 2022 (volume 11, issue 1).

4. Mambanda, J, Maibvisira, G, Murangwa S. I; (2017).Effects of Total Quality Management on the Performance of the Food and Beverage Industry in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Business and Management Invention, 6(6), 26-36.

5. Mukanganiki C, Maibvisira G, Kandufa P (2014). Ethical and Corporate Governance Challenges that Rocked the Zimbabwean Financial Sector between 2003- 20. 08. International Journal of Management, IT and Engineering, ISSN 2249-0558 page (1-13)

6. Maibvisira, G. Ndikudze, J & Sibanda (2013): The Paradox of Board Effectiveness, Roles and Functions: The Case of Zimbabwean Companies. International Journal of Multi-disciplinary Research Academy

7.  Maibvisira G, Mudzurandende F, and Nyarugwe W,(2012). Causes & Effects of Financial Exclusion in the Banking Sector: The case of Zimbabwe. International Journal of Multi-disciplinary Research Academy

8. Maibvisira,G and Madziyauswa, M (2012). Liquidity Challenges in Indigenous Commercial Banks: The case of Zimbabwe from 2003 -2012. International Journal of Multi-disciplinary Research Academy.

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