Staff Profile

/Mr. Isaac Machafa


  • MA Ethno,
  • BA Hons Ethno (UKZN),
  • BEd Music (UZ),
  • DipEd (UZ),
  • Dip. Computer Science (HEXCO),
  • Dip. TM (IPMZ)

Research Interests:

  • Ethnomusicology,
  • Anthropology


1. Teaching our children ancient songs: The Andrew Tracey factor in Zimbabwe Music Education.

2. Culture and struggle: Song and artistic performance since Land Reform in Zimbabwe.

3. Karigamombe, nhemamusasa, and bangiza repertoire in the sustenance of the mbira music genre and performances in the Shona society.

4. The role of popular music culture in enhancing cultural identity in Zimbabwe.

5. Mbira music in contextualized prescriptions of tradition and identity in independence gala festivals among urbanites of Zimbabwe.

6. The impact of cultural policies in shaping and preserving mbira music performances in Zimbabwe.

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