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/Dr Ishmael Mazambani
Dr Ishmael Mazambani

Lecturer, Department of History


  • D. Phil (MSU)
  • MA in African History (UZ)
  • BA Hons (UZ),
  •  Dip Ed (UZ),


Research Interests



  • The law as an instrument of Oppression and Violation of Children’s Rights in Sothern Rhodesia, 1959-1980. OSSEREA Bulletin, Vol 1,No I, February,2008.
  • Student Activism and Nationalism at the University of Zimbabwe: Students Vs the State, 1980-2005) OSSEREA Bulletin, Vol 2 No 2, June 2009.
  •  The Plight of Manufactured Female Political Prisoners, Detainees and Restrictees in Southern Rhodesia, in V. Z. Nyawo-Shava, Themes in Contemporary History of Zimbabwe. Emerging Perspectives in Afrikology, Mambo Press,2013
  • ‘beZimbabwe’ DYKE, 2013.
  • Mazambani,I and Tarugarira,G., ‘Silencing Guardians of the Democratic Shrine in Colonial and Post-Colonial Zimbabwe: Student Activism, Zimbabwean Nationalism and the Third Chimurenga (1960-2005),Repositioning The Humanities, Journal of Contemporary Research, Vol.1, No.2,August 2015,pp.5-38.
  • Tarugarira, G and Mazambani, I.,Accumulating Biological Capital Through the Commodification of Women: A Historical Appreciation of the Commercialization of Lobola/Roora in Zimbabwe 1920-2010 in Repositioning the Humanities, Journal of Contemporary Research Vol 1 Number 1 2014 pp 62-78.

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