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/Mr Julius Mukarati
Mr Julius Mukarati

Position: Lecturer

Department: Accounting Sciences
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Qualifications :

  • Doctor of Commerce in Economics (University of Pretoria) -Dissertation Title: The potential impact of land redistribution in South Africa.
  • Executive Masters in Business Administartion, Midlands State University
  • MPhil Economics (University of Pretoria) -Specialization: Macroeconomics
  • Master of Science (M.Sc) in Economics, University of Zimbabwe
  • Specialization: Macroeconomics and Environmental Economics
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Economics, University of Zimbabwe

Research Interests:

  • Development Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • CGE modeling
  • Micro simulation.

Short Courses

  • Certificate in dynamic impacts of macroeconomic policies and shock using GAMS, University of Laval, Canada, 2014
  • Certificate in practical modelling with GAMS, EcoMod Modelling network, Washington DC, USA, 2015
  • Certificate in Introduction to computable general equilibrium modelling, TIPS, SA, 2014
  • Certificate in Microeconomic analysis of welfare and policy, Quebec City, Canada, 2014
  • Certificate in microsimulation modelling, Economic Research for Southern Africa, SA,2015

Publications :

    • Mukarati, J., Abel, S., Le Roux, P., Matsvai, S & Mahlangu, Z. (2000). Effects of environmental quality on housing prices. Journal of Environmental Assessment policy and Management. Vol.22 (1&2).
    • Abel, S., Le Roux, P., Maparara, T., Mukarati, J., & Musiiwa, R (2022). Measuring competition in microfinance industry using Panzar and Rosse approach. Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal, 26(3), 1-15.
    • Mukarati, J., Abel, S., Mutenheri, E., & Le Roux, P. (2022). An analysis of managerial skills on banking sector performance in Zimbabwe (2010-2019). Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal, 26(2), 1-12.
    • Mukarati, J., Mongale, I.P., & Makombe, G. (2021): Credit access and women entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe’s informal sector. Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal. Vol.27(2).
    • S. Mukarati.J. Mutonhori.C. & Le Roux.P. (2021): Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in the Zimbabwe Mining Sector. Journal of Economic and Financial Sciences. Vol 14(1).
    • Mukarati J., Mongale I.P., & Makombe G. (2020): Land redistribution and the South African economy. Agric. Econ. – Czech, 66: 46–54.
    • Mukarati.J., Zivanemoyo.J. & Gutu.P. (2021). The Economic Impacts of Climate Change on Maize Production in Zimbabwe. Research Journal of Economics and Management Studies. Vol 1(20).
    • Mukarati J, Nyamutowa .C, & Mufandaedza.S. (2017). Determinants of willingness to pay for solid waste management in Gweru city, Zimbabwe. Alanya Academic Review Journal, Vol 1(3)
    • Mukarati J. (2017). Modelling the distributive effects of an agricultural shock on household income in South African: a Sam multiplier decomposition and structural path analysis (Journal of Economics Bibliography, 4(1).



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