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/Mr Kenneth Mazhindu
Mr Kenneth Mazhindu

Position: Chairperson

Department: Accounting


  • Cert in Education (UZ)
  • Advanced Dip (CIMA)
  • B Compt (UNISA)
  • Dip Ed (UZ),
  • MCom (MSU)

Research Interests:

  • Taxation
  • Management Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Corporate Governance


  • Book – Financial Aspects of Marketing for the Marketing Manager(ISBN 978 0 86922 871 5)Co-authors: Kenneth Mazhindu, Doreen Nkala, Miriam Mugwati was peer reviewed in the faculty by Mashiri E and by Prof. I. Chaneta, Dean of Commerce UZ. It was accepted for publication and currently under print by Mambo Press.
  • Effectiveness of presumptive tax system in Zimbabwe:Case of Zimra Region One-Research Journal of Finance and Accounting-Vol 4 No 7 2013-Mazhindu K, Mashiri E and Utaumire B
  • Propositions for Zimbabwean businesses in managing costs in the multi-currency era-accepted for publication-The Dyke(Journal of The Midlands State University)-Vol 7 No 7 of 2013-Mazhindu K.
  • The adoption of IFRS for SMEs in Zimbabwe-accepted for publication in The Asian Economic Financial Review-Mazhindu K and Mafuba G.
  • Marketing: A New Strategy for State Universities in Zimbabwe-accepted for publication in the Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness(ISSN #2155-2843)-Vol 8(2) 2014-North American Business Press.-co-authors: Nkala D, Mugwati M, Mudzurandende F, Mazhindu K& Mhere F.

Publications Pending:

  • Research paper-Audit Quality in Zimbabwe
  • Book – Strategic Aspects of Industrial Marketing – 60% complete co-authored with Doreen Nkala

Community Service:

  • Principal Examiner – ZIMSEC – Accounting Paper II since 2000.
  • Training of examiners, standardization and national coordination of marking, grading and grade review and proof-reading of assessment instruments

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