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/Mr Kumbirai Cletos Ngwaru
Mr Kumbirai Cletos Ngwaru

Position: Chairperson

Department: Peace Studies
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  • Msc Peace and Governance, 
  • BA History/War Studies

Research interests

  • Youth, Conflict & Peacebuilding, 
  • Religion, 
  • Civil Society and Governance, 
  • Migration & Human Security, Post Conflict Reconstruction & Development.


  • Opportunities and Challenges of Regionalism: Zimbabwe in the COMESA Customs Union (Developing Country Studies, 2014)
  • Looking into the Future: Which Economy will be performing better circa 2060, India or China? (Journal of Empirical Economics, 2014)
  • Public Health and Environmental Challenges in Zimbabwe: The Case of Solid Waste Generation and Disposal in the City of Masvingo (Journal of Environment, 2014)
  • Teacher Perceptions of Factors that Cause High Levels of Stress: The Case of the Zimbabwean Rural Primary School Teachers. (Asian Journal of Economics and Empirical Research, 2014)

Community Engagement 

  • Advisor, Fellowship Of College and University Students (FOCUS MASVINGO)
  • Affiliate member, Scripture Union in Zimbabwe (Masvingo region)
  • Board member, Masvingo Peace Garden Trust

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