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/Mr Laston Gonah
Mr Laston Gonah

Position: Lecturer

Department: Community Medicine


  • BSc Health Promotion, First Class/Distinction University of Zimbabwe 
  • Master in Public Health(Global Health) – (Thammasat University, Thailand)

Research interests

  • Comorbid HIV, TB and NCDs
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Global/Public Health Policy analysis and research
  • Economic evaluation of Public Private Partnerships for Health
  • Global health/public health policy negotiation
  • International agreements and trade, and Global health 


  • Gonah L, Mutambara J, Determinants of weaning practices among mothers of infants aged below 12 months in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, Annals of Global Health (2016), doi: 10.1016/ j.aogh.2016.10.006.
  • Gonah L, Mukwirimba Anthony, Determinants of Optimal Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy among People Living With HIV/AIDS Registered For ART at a Hospital in Zimbabwe, Medical Journal of Zambia (2017)
  • Manyika, W., Gonah, L., Hanvongse, A., Shamu, S., & January, J. (2019). Health Financing Relationship between Public Health expenditure and maternal mortality in Zimbabwe between the years 1980 to 2010. Medical Journal of Zambia46(1), 61-70.
  • January, J., Muchenje, R. R., Gonah, L., Shamu, S., & Tapera, R. (2018). Use of skin lightening creams among female University students in Zimbabwe: a preliminary survey. Medical Journal of Zambia45(1), 44-48.
  • Gonah L, Corwin A, January J, Shamu S, Nyati-Jokomo Z, van der Putten M, Barriers to healthcare access and coping mechanisms among sub-Saharan African migrants living in Bangkok, Thailand: a qualitative study, Medical Journal of Zambia (2017)
  • Mukondwa K, GonahL, Barriers to accessing adolescent sexual and reproductive health services among undocumented migrants in South Africa: A documentary review, Medical Journal of Zambia (2017)
  • Mutukwa T, Gonah L, Ndhlala A. R, Saurombe D.T, Is oxygen supplementation necessary for patients under spinal anaesthesia? – A prospective hospital-based study, Medical Journal of Zambia (2017)
  • Saurombe D. T, Gonah L, Mutukwa T, Comparing the effectiveness of phenylephrine infusion versus bolus regimen in treating hypotension during caesarean delivery under spinal anaesthesia, African Journal of Anaesthesia

International conference presentations

  • 2015: 3rd Annual International Conference on New Voices in Global Health and Wellbeing 2015: Reducing Inequities, Bangkok, Thailand

Community engagement

  • Volunteer consultant for Public Health Programme Planning and research at MSU, and in the Midlands province
  • Filed (Rural) Attachment Coordinator for the Medical Programme – Faculty of Medicine


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