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/Mrs Loveness Mapuva
Mrs Loveness Mapuva

Position: Lecturer

Department: Law Procedural Law


  • LLD (NWU, S.A) (Candidate);
  • LLM (UWC.SA);
  • LLB (Hons) (UWC. SA);
  • HND Accountancy  ;
  • ND Tec-Voc Education;
  • ND Accountancy;
  • NC Business Studies.

Research Interests

  • Children’s Rights
  • Human Rights


Journal Articles

  • Mapuva, J and Mapuva, L (2015). “Globalisation, Economic Growth and Employment Creation in South Africa” in Journal of Culture, Society and Development, Vol. 9, 2015, 28-25
  • Muyengwa-Mapuva, L (2015). The Feminist Discourse and the Case of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) in Journal of Culture, Society and Development, Vol. 9, 2015, 23-35
  • Mapuva, J and Muyengwa-Mapuva, L (2015). Arnstein’s Ladder of Participation and Citizen Participation in ZimbabweInternational Journal of African and Asian Studies, Vol.11, 2015, 1-14
  • Mapuva, L and Mapuva, J (2014). “Zimbabwe’s New Constitutional Dispensation and Children’s Right to Education” Peace and Conflict MonitorPolicy, University of Peace, 22 August 2014. Available at http://www.monitor.upeace.org/printer.cfm?id_article=1064
  • Muyengwa-Mapuva, L and Mapuva, J (2014).“International Law, Sanctity of Life and the Right to Life: A Critical Analysis” International Journal of Politics and Law Research 2 (2) 15-22.
  • Mapuva, J and Muyengwa-Mapuva, L (2014). Citizen Participation/Democracy Dichotomy, International Journal of Politics and Good Governance, Vol 5, No. 5.2 Quarter II 2014.
  • Mapuva, J and Muyengwa-Mapuva, L (2014). The SADC regional bloc: What challenges and prospects for regional integration? Journal ofLaw, Democracy and Development, Vol. 18 (2014).
  • Mapuva, J and Muyengwa-Mapuva, L (2014). “The State, Civil Society and Human Rights: Lessons for Zimbabwe” International Journal of Politics & Law Research, (2) 1 April 2014
  • Mapuva, J and Muyengwa-Mapuva, L  (2014).Devolution and the new Constitutional Dispensation in Zimbabwe” Peace and Conflict Monitor In-Depth, University of Peace, 5 March 2014.
  • Mapuva, J and Muyengwa-Mapuva, L  (2014). “The Troubled Electoral Contestation in Zimbabwe” International Journal of Political Science and Development 2 (2) 15-22, February, 2014.
  • Mapuva, J & Muyengwa-Mapuva, L  (2012), “A Critique of Key Legislative Framework Guiding Civil Liberties in Zimbabwe” in                                                  Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal, 14 (6)124-164 (November, 2012).

 E-Learning Papers

  •  Mapuva,J., Stoltenkamp, J & Muyengwa, L (2010) “Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts: Harnessing Technology for Enhanced Learning Achievement Through Powerful Web Tools” in International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Education, 7(12) 3-16; December 201Mapuva, J & Muyengwa, L,(2010)
  • “Conquering the Barriers to Learning Through E-Learning” in International Journal of Teaching and Learning In Higher Education [IJTLHE], 21(3) 221-227; 2010; Refereed Article

 Book Reviews

  •  Children’s Rights in Africa – A Legal Perspective by Sloth-Nielsen Julia (ed) (Ashgate Publishing Limited; 352 pages; 2010, MSULR (forthcoming) Reviewed by Loveness Muyengwa-Mapuva

 Newspaper Articles


  •  Mapuva, J and Muyengwa-Mapuva, L (2014). “Civil Society and the Trials and Tribulations of Zimbabwe’s Post-Colonial Period: Is Citizen Participation under Threat?” LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany (February, 2014).
  • Mapuva, J, Stoltenkamp, J & Muyengwa, L (2010).“E-learning Continuum within a Higher Education Environment” Lambert Book Publishers, Germany.



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