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/Dr Macloud Sipeyiye
Dr Macloud Sipeyiye

Position: Senior Lecturer

Department: Religious Studies


  • MA: Religious Studies (UZ-2008)
  • Grad. CE (UZ-2001)

Research Interests

  • Interface of  Religion and HIV and AIDS,
  • Religion and the Environment,
  • Religion and Development,
  • Religion and Politics.


  • Sipeyiye, M. “Who is on the side of ancestral spirits? A critical assessment of the role of African Traditional Religions on the Zimbabwean political landscape” in Chimhanda, F.H, Molobi, VMS & Mothoagae, I.D (eds). (2015). African Theological Reflections: Critical voices on liberation, leadership, gender and eco-justice, Research Institute for Theology and Religion, UNISA.
  • Konyana, E & Sipeyiye, M, “Complex moral dilemmas of large scale projects: The Case of Macdom-ARDA Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant Project in Chipinge, South–Eastern   Zimbabwe”. In international Journal of Sustainable Development. Vol. 18 (2015) Issue (4), pp349-360.
  • Sipeyiye, M. “Shifting Notions of Funerals among Africans: A Case of the Shona of Zimbabwe” in Laguda, L.O, (ed). (2014). DEATH & LIFE AFTER DEATH IN AFRICAN PHILOSOPHY& RELIGIONS: A MULTIDISCIPLINARY ENGAGEMENT. African Institute for Culture, Peace, Dialogue & Tolerance Studies.
  • Sipeyiye, M & Konyana, E.G, “SEX & SEXUALITY IN AFRICAN TRADITIONAL RELIGIONS: Exploring Trends among the Shona People of Zimbabwe” in Laguda, D.O (ed). (2013). SEX & SEXUALITY IN AFRICA& AFRICA DIASPORA: A Social & Ethical engagement, African Institute for Culture, Peace, Dialogue & Tolerance Studies pp176-186.
  • Taringa, N.T & Sipeyiye, M, “Zimbabwean Indigenous Religions & Political Drama: The Fast Track Land Reform & the Fast Track Change of attitudes to Nature, 2000-2009” in Chitando, E, (ed). (2013). PRAYERS & PLAYERS: Religion &Politics in Zimbabwe, SAPES BOOKS, pp51-61
  • Sipeyiye, M, “Ending Domestic Violence: tapping into the Shona religio-cultural resources” presented at a conference at Lagos State University, Nigeria under the theme: The Humanities and the Indigenous Knowledge System (IKS) in Africa and Africas Diasporas. DATE: 20th TO 23rd JULY, 2015


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