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/Dr Macloud Sipeyiye
Dr Macloud Sipeyiye

Position: Senior Lecturer

Department: Religious Studies
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  • PhD. Religious Studies (MSU-2018)
  • MA. Religious Studies (UZ-2008)
  • BA (Special Honours) Religious Studies (UZ-2006)
  • Grad. CE (UZ-2001)
  • BA General (1997)

Research Interests

  • Research interests revolve around the interface of spirituality and development issues that include health & human flourishing, ecological conservation, politics, and conflict management & transformation.


  • Sipeyiye, M and Mpofu, P . 2021. Sex gospel in Zimbabwe’s Pentecostal Christianity as a response to social change: A case of apostle Kapandura and Mai Lucia Gunguwo. In: Journal of Asian And African Studies,DOI: DOI: 10.1177/00219096211046274,
  • Sipeyiye,M and Muyambo, T. 2021. Gendered small-scale crops and power dynamics:  A case of Uninga (Sesame) production among the Ndau of south-eastern Zimbabwe. In: HTS- Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies Special Collection: Women Theology, Vol. 77 (2), DOI: 10.4102/hts.v77i2.6661
  • Sipeyiye, M. 2020. “Rethinking environmental sustainability through Ndau notion of communal existence” in Penxa-Matholeni, M. Manyonganise & K. Boateng (eds), Mother Earth, Mother Africa & African Indigenous Religions, Stellenbosch: AFRICAN SUN MeDIA.
  • Sipeyiye M & Muyambo, T. 2020. “Rite writing off Rights?: Male Child Circumcision in the context of HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe”,  in Lovemore Togarasei & David Bishau. Religion and social marginalization in Zimbabwe. Bamberg: Bamberg University Press.
  • Makaudze, G & Sipeyiye, M. 2019. “Backward? Or self-delusion? A critical analysis of the cultural significance of the eating/feeding habits of the traditional Shona people of Zimbabwe,” Indilinga African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Volume 18 Number 1, pp. 55 – 63
  • Mwandayi, C & Sipeyiye, M. 2018. “The silent ‘machoman’ in the house: The case of women in Biblical and African societies”  LASU Journal of Religion and Peace, Vol 3 N0. 1, June 2018, pp54-68
  • Sipeyiye, M and Konyana, E.G. 2018.  “Nyaya yeKunhonga: Instant Prosperity and the Shona Religious and Cultural Values”, pp315-331, in I. Muhwati, T. Charamba and C. Tembo, Singing Nation: A Decade of Crisis 2000-2010. Gweru: Midlands State University Press
  • Sipeyiye, M. 2016. “Ending Domestic Violence in Zimbabwe: Tapping into the Shona Religio-cultural Resources,” in LASU Journal of Humanities, Faculty of Arts, Lagos State University, Vol. 10, pp81-94.
  • Sipeyiye, M. “Who is on the side of ancestral spirits? A critical assessment of the role of African Traditional Religions on the Zimbabwean political landscape” in Chimhanda, F.H, Molobi, VMS & Mothoagae, I.D (eds). (2015). African Theological Reflections: Critical voices on liberation, leadership, gender and eco-justice, Research Institute for Theology and Religion, UNISA.
  • Konyana, E & Sipeyiye, M, “Complex moral dilemmas of large scale projects: The Case of Macdom-ARDA Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant Project in Chipinge, South–Eastern   Zimbabwe”. In international Journal of Sustainable Development. Vol. 18 (2015) Issue (4), pp349-360.
  • Sipeyiye, M. “Shifting Notions of Funerals among Africans: A Case of the Shona of Zimbabwe” in Laguda, L.O, (ed). (2014). DEATH & LIFE AFTER DEATH IN AFRICAN PHILOSOPHY& RELIGIONS: A MULTIDISCIPLINARY ENGAGEMENT. African Institute for Culture, Peace, Dialogue & Tolerance Studies.
  • Sipeyiye, M & Konyana, E.G, “SEX & SEXUALITY IN AFRICAN TRADITIONAL RELIGIONS: Exploring Trends among the Shona People of Zimbabwe” in Laguda, D.O (ed). (2013). SEX & SEXUALITY IN AFRICA& AFRICA DIASPORA: A Social & Ethical engagement, African Institute for Culture, Peace, Dialogue & Tolerance Studies pp176-186.
  • Taringa, N.T & Sipeyiye, M, “Zimbabwean Indigenous Religions & Political Drama: The Fast Track Land Reform & the Fast Track Change of attitudes to Nature, 2000-2009” in Chitando, E, (ed). (2013). PRAYERS & PLAYERS: Religion &Politics in Zimbabwe, SAPES BOOKS, pp51-61


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