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/Mr Marlvern Mabgwe
Mr Marlvern Mabgwe

Lecturer, Department of Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies


  • Dphil Candidate of Archaeology (MSU)
  •  Post-Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (MSU)
  •  MA Archaeology (MSU)
  • BA (Hons) Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies (MSU)

Research Interests:               

  • Iron Age Archaeology of southern Africa. Within this broad timeframe, my interest lies in exploring the diversity of the human-plant interactions that have defined human societies across the Zimbabwean plateau.
  • Historical and Public Archaeology. My interest lies in the role of archaeology in the Historical period as well as the contemporary Zimbabwean landscape.


  • Ngwenya, T and Mabgwe M. 2014. Separating the Imagined from the Obvious: adopting museum-specific product positioning in Zimbabwe, International Journal of European Research and Management in December 2014), Poster presentation at the 2nd International Conference on Economics, Finance and Management Outlooks 20-21 December, 2014, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Articles Awaiting Publication And Have Been Accepted For Publication

1)         Mabgwe, M and Manganga, M. Prehistoric food storage and security in South-west Zimbabwe: a look at the 19th century grain bins in Garanyemba, Gwanda. (Research paper waiting publication)

2)         Chokera, F, Ngwenya T and Mabgwe M, Permaculture and empowerment of rural farmers in Chiwundura and Lower Gweru communal lands (Research paper awaiting publication)

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