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/Mr Maxwell N Mashasha
Mr Maxwell N Mashasha

Position: Temporary Full Time Lecturer

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  • Bsc (Hons) Mathematics
  •  Msc Operations Research
  • Post Grad Diploma in Tertiary Education

Research Interests:

  • Statistical modelling
  •  Dynamic Pricing of Perishable Assets and Operations Research


  • Maxwell Ngonidzashe Mashasha, Susan Maposa, Chiedza Elvina Mashiri,Mandidayingeyi Hellen Pfupajena, Edina Chandiwana, Pauline Mukwembi, Ndava Constantine Mpondo. An Inventory routing policy for a Single Depot with Multiple Client System. Case study of Chirumanzu South district. International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research Issue 4 volume 2, ( 2014)
  • Mandidayingeyi Hellen Pfupajena, Chiedza Elvina Mashiri, Mashasha Maxwell, Vusimusi Mlilo ,Loyce Gonzo, Susan Maposa , Edina Chandiwana, Pauline Mukwembi .Assessing effect of behaviour change HIV/AIDS prevalence using a staged progression model. Accepted Publication in the Midlands State University Journal of Science Agriculture and Technology (2015)

Current Research:

  • A Bayesian statistical approach to forecasting Zimbabwean electricity demand during short term peak periods

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