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/Dr Misheck Chandiposha
Dr Misheck Chandiposha

Position: Senior Lecturer

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  • PhD in Agricultural Science (Agronomy) from University of Zululand 2021
  • Master of Science in Crop Science with options in Agronomy (March 2006-Dec 2007) from University of Zimbabwe.
  • Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Agriculture with option in Crop Science (2000-2003) from University of Zimbabwe.

Research Interests

  • Food security
  • Climate change
  • Sugarcane
  • Horticulture
  • Field crops
  • Physiology
  • Post harvest technology of grain crops
  • Sustainable Agriculture and farming systems.


  • ANAFE FELLOWSHIP 2007 on the project entitled, Evaluation on Moringa as a shade tree in rape production in the Semi-Arid region of Zimbabwe. The scholarship was worth US$4000.
  • Zimbabwe Sugar Association Experiment Station FELLOWSHIP 2014 on the PhD project entitled, Developing Container model for Growing Sugarcane without Signs of Water Deficit and Nutrient Stresses. The scholarship is worth US$ 50000.


  • Chandiposha Misheck, Mudani Simbarashe1, Gwazane Munyaradzi and Kudzipanga N. Ngonidzashe. The Effects of Trellising Methods on Determinate Tomato Varieties’ Yield in Zimbabwe.(2014). International Journal of Plant & Soil Science 4(4): 411-416
  • Chandiposha Misheck, Ngonidzashe Kunedzimwe, Gwazane Munyaradzi and Daniel Chiriman’ombe.(2014). Comparisons of sugar blend 1 plus fertilizer over straight fertilizer as basal application on growth and yield of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L). International Journal of Agronomy and Agriculture Research 4(4), 89-93.
  • Chandiposha Misheck, Chagonda Ignatius and Makuvaro Veronica (2013) Review: Utilization of common grain crops in Zimbabwe. African Journal of Food Science (9): 253 -257
  • Edith Megehu and Chandiposha Misheck (2013) The effect of herbicide tank mixes on the weed species diversity in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum). International Journal of Agronomy and Agriculture Research 3 (8): 23 -27
  • Chandiposha Misheck (2013) Review: Potential impact of climate change in sugarcane and mitigation strategies in Zimbabwe. African Journal of Agriculture Research 8 (23): 2814 – 2818
  • Chandiposha Misheck and Chivende Fanuel (2014) Effect of ethephon and planting density on lodged plant percentage and crop yield in maize (Zea mays L.). African Journal of Plant Science 8(2): 113-117
  • Mudani Simbarashe, Chandiposha Misheck, Gwazane Munyaradzi and Kudzipanga Ngonidzashe (2014) Effect of methods of trellising on yield and quality of determinate tomato varieties. Scientia Agriculturae 8 (30: 121 -125
  • BT Manenji, H Mushipe, I Chagonda, MT Mabarani, M Chandiposha. Effects of Tianda 2116 Plant Growth Regulator on growth and yield of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum) American Journal of Plant Sciences 7 (02): 326
  • Ottilia Mabvongwe, Brenda T. Manenji, Munyaradzi Gwazane, and Misheck Chandiposha.(2016) The Effect of Paclobutrazol Application Time and Variety on Growth, Yield, and Quality of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.). Advances in Agriculture Volume 2016 (2016),
  • Johnson Masaka, Noel Chimwanda, Ignatius Chagonda, and Misheck Chandiposha (2016) A Comparative Evaluation of the Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Composted Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia L.) with Pine Bark Growing Media in Tobacco (Nicotiana tabucum L.) Seedling Production Advances in Agriculture Volume 2016.

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