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/Dr Nyasha Mapuweyi


  • PhD – Doctor of Philosophy in Media Studies ,Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • Master of Science in Media and Society Studies – Midlands State University – 2009
  • BSc Honours in Media and Society Studies – Midlands State University – 2004
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education – Midlands State University – 2013

Research Interest:

  •  Political Communication
  • Print Journalism
  •  New Media, Online Media and the Diaspora
  •  Media Economics and Media Management
  • Gender and the Media

Research Papers:

  • Discourses of power and counter-power in the Zimbabwean politico religios communication in online news media. (2019)
  • An investigation into the prospects and challenges faced by Zimbabwean and Kenyan musicians and music production houses at the advent of digitisation and digitalisation (2019)
  • Reality or Myth? Represntations of African Union Agenda in Kenyan and Zimbabwean Newspapers (2016)
  • Book Chapter: Chapter 10. Representations of the African Union Agenda in Kenyan and Zimbabwean Media and effects on Implementation (2016)
  • The Role played by Music in promoting peace and unity in East and Southern Africa: The cases of Zimbabwe and Kenya: (2013)
  • Book Chapter: Gender Relations and the Role Played by Sungura Music in Zimbabwe: Chapter 13 : Book Title: Gender, Sexuality and the Media: A Question of Accountability: (2013)
  • Press representations of the national healing process in Zimbabwe post-2008 presidential election: (2014)
  • A social-semiotic engagement with representations of President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in The from June 2008 to July 2013: (2014)
  • Advertising Strategies and Tactics Applied by the Flea Market Traders to Alleviate Poverty in Zimbabwe. Case of Mupedzanhamo (Harare) and Global Flea Market (Gweru): (2014)
  • Press and the succession debate in ZANU-PF. A look at press coverage of the debate on President Robert Mugabe’s succession within ZANU-PF party in Zimbabwe: (2014)
  • The Church and Politics: The Role of the Catholic Owned Magazine Moto in Zimbabwe: (2015)
  • Church and Politics in Zimbabwe: Appraising the role of the Catholic Church owned political magazine ‘Moto’ in the fifty years under African hands: (2015)
  • Press and Environment Management (EMA)’s active role in reporting and monitoring environmental degradation caused by small scale artisanal gold panning in Zimbabwe. Case of Shurugwi Peri-Urban: (2015)

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