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/Mr Paul Dumisani Bajilla
Mr Paul Dumisani Bajilla

Position: Assistant Lecturer

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  • Bachelor Of Music And Musicology (Honours) Degree with Midlands State University
  • Certificate in Professional training programme for Tertiary Education with Midlands State university. Faculty of Education.
  • FTCL in Composition (Trinity College of London)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education with Midlands State University.

Research Interest:

  • Musicology with a thrust in Music Composition (Theory) and performance of African Indigenous research-based compositions;
  • Classical music focussing on Orchestration, Conducting and clinical workshops in choral music performance studies.
  • Film Music and sound tracking.


Creative Continuum  in Music Composition. New perspective:  Towards an African theoretical Approach. [ A Book which is pending]



  1. Ethno-Composition: The significative potential of indigenous music-dance genres as pre-compositional resources.

Paper Presented At 2012 RIE Conference Held At UZ, Harare

Dates: 4-7 September 2012


  1. Use of indigenous Music Genres in the Teaching of Composition in Zimbabwe: Towards an Indigenous Music Theory Approach.

Paper presented at 39th Annual International Conference of SASE

Date: 4-6 October 2012.


Articles pending 

  1. “Bartokism” in Mnomiya’s selected compositions: In search for identity.
  2. Dialect, idiom and intraopus style in Mookomba Afro-Jazz music: Reflections on syncretic features and compositional techniques.
  3. Thematic transformation and controlled pianistic textures in Liszt’s selected compositions.
  4. Tonal and rhythmic stability as structural rudiments in Mokoomba Afro-Jazz music: A phenomenological perspective.
  5. Tonal and rhythmic stability as structural rudiments in Franz Liszt’s piano composition, Liebestraume Dreams of love: Syntax, form and unity in Romantic music.

Community Engagement

  • Choral Music Clinician
  • Choral Music Workshop Facilitator
  • Composer at National Level

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