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/Mr Richard Duve
Mr Richard Duve

Position: Acting Campus Director : Harare Campus


Mcom Mkt Strategy (MSU)

BCom (Hons) Mkt Mgt (MSU)

Membership to professional institutes

  • Full member IMM, GSM (SA)
  • Member MAZ (ZIM)
  • Technician – Royal Aeronautical Society  & Helicopter Association of GB (UK)


Co-authored books

  • Mupemhi S & Duve R Mastering marketing management: a guide for mangers in RAPLEX environment:  (2011) Book love Publishers (Gweru) ISBN 9780797444973
  • Chokera F & Duve R Relationship marketing strategy (2011) Book love Publishers (Gweru) ISBN 9780797447523

Research Papers

  • Nkomazana N, Sibanda M & Duve R (2015) Determinants of Financial knowledge among adolescents Studia, Universities babes-bilyai OECONOMICA Vol 60 issue 2 (2015)
  • Duver R (2013) One minute excellence: The pathway to breakthrough customer service: A review Dyke Vol 7 no”1 (2013)
  • Duve R (2011) Achieving research excellence in Zimbabwean Universities: A review based on the eighth anchor elements characterising excellent companies: The Dyke Vol 15 no”2 (2011)
  • Maitireyi P & Duve R (2011) Labour arbitration effectiveness in Zimbabwe: Fact or Fiction: African journal on conflict Resolution Vol 11 no” (2011)
  • Mupemhi S. Duve R & Mupemhi R (2011) E-Commerce in Agro-food Industry in Zimbabwe: Myth or reality: IJMBS Vol 1 Issue 4 (Oct-Dec 2011)
  • Dube C F& Duve R (2008) Handling labour disputes in the State University in Zimbabwe. Discussion paper no” 77 (2008) UKZN (SA)


  • Factors affecting the Internationalisation of manufacturing SMEs in Zimbabwe: Thrust Africa, ICBE, IDRC & CRDI Canada (Sept 2013)


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