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/Mr Samuel Mashingaidze
Mr Samuel Mashingaidze

Position: Senior Lecturer

Department: Applied Education


  • Master of Science Education in Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Education in Mathematics
  • Diploma in Secondary Education (Mathematics)

Research Interests

  • Realistic Mathematics Education for Teaching and Learning in Mathematics at all levels


Articles Published

  • Mashingaidze, S. (2012). The Teaching of Geometric (Isometric) Transformations at Secondary school level: What Approach to Use and Why? Asian Social Science, 8(8), 197 – 210.
  • Mashingaidze, S.S (2012). Criterion and Norm referenced testing in education: Livening up the debate, The Dyke, 6 (2),
  • Marimo, S. T., Mashingaidze, S. S. & Nyoni, E. (2013). Faculty of Education lecturers’ and students’ perceptions on the utilisation of e-learning at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe, European Journal of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, 1 (2), 47 – 57.
  • Mashingaidze, S. (2013). The relevance of the current Zimbabwean ordinary level mathematics to industry: A case of Gweru urban. European Journal of Scientific Research, 4(2), 160 – 172.
  • Mandina, S., Mashingaidze, S.S. & Mafuta, J. (2013). Increasing female participation in Advanced level Mathematics: A perspective from students and teachers in Zimbabwe, African Educational research Journal, 1 (3), 183 – 190.
  • Mashingaidze, S.S. & Marimo, S.T. (2014). The quest for quality project supervision: supervisor – supervisee relationship in the faculty of Education at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe. The Dyke, 8 (2), 49 – 72
  • Marimo, S.T. & Mashingaidze, S.S. (2014). Metaphors of the challenges on project completion: Experiences of block release students and their supervisors at Midlands State University. British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioural Science, 4 (11), 1442 – 1454.

Community Engagement

  • Member of the University and Faculty Work Related Committee
  • Member of the Zimbabwe Chapter of the Southern Africa Association for Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (SAARMSTE)

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