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/Mr Leonard Tariro Senderayi
Mr Leonard Tariro Senderayi

Position: Lecturer

Department: Geosciences
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Qualifications :

  • BSc General (Geology, Physics)
  • Post Graduate Diploma (LGIS)
  • MSc (LGIS)
  • Post Grad Dipl (Tertiary Education)

 Research Interests

  • Spatial database design and implementation
  • Greenstone Belts and Massive Sulphide Zone Mineralisation)
  • Well Hydraulics, Groundwater Flow Modeling and Groundwater Contaminants
  • Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imaging Systems


  1. Evolution of the Geomatics education in Zimbabwe
  2. Collaborative efforts in geoinformation sharing among universities and organisations in Zimbabwe

Community Engagement Activities

Providing free groundwater consultancy to rural communities

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