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/Mr Stephen Chakaipa
Mr Stephen Chakaipa

Position: Lecturer

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Registered PhD student -Topic: Service delivery challenges at Sub National level.  The Case Study of Municipal Councils in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe.

  • MBA (Public Service)  – University of Birmingham (UK).
  • BA Honors-University of Rhodesia.
  • Grad CE -University of Rhodesia.
  • Advanced Course in Local Government Finance -University of Birmingham (UK).
  • Regional Development Planning UNCRD-Nagoya, Japan.

Research Interest

  • Decentralized governance
  • Sub-national service delivery
  • Traditional leadership,
  • Rural and urban development.


  • State of Decentralization and Local Government in Africa- Municipal Development Programme, 2010.
  • Local Government Institutions and Election in Local Government Reform in Zimbabwe, A policy dialogue ed. J. de Visser, N. Steyler N. Machingauta, 2010.
  • Local Government Capacity Building in Zimbabwe: Challenges and opportunities, Chakaipa S and Chakunda V, 2010.
  • Local Government Institutions and the Constitution, Chakaipa S and Chakunda V, 2015.

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