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/Mr Takaidza Sibanda
Mr Takaidza Sibanda
Mr Takaidza Sibanda


Current Studies

PhD (Leadership studies) final year candidate at University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN), Durban, South Africa.

Supervisor:    Prof Manoj S. Maharaj (Professor of  Project Management –UKZN)

Area of specialisation- Design thinking and innovation


  • Masters in Business Administration (MSU)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) Honours ( NUST)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (MSU)
  • MPMIZ -Professional member of the Project Management Institute of Zimbabwe


Modules taught

Research Methods

Project Management

Research interests

  • Project management
  • Youth entrepreneurship
  • E-commerce
  • Design thinking and innovation
  • Business Strategy
  • Strategic Marketing Management




  1. Chimuka L and Sibanda T(2012) Policy and Legal Factors Affecting  Investment in the Mining Industry: The  Case of Zimbabwe,152-166
  2. Zvandasarira P and Sibanda T (2012) Positioning strategies in the Petroleum Industry: The Case of Zimbabwe . IJRSS.,266-281
  3. Chonzi P and Sibanda  T (2012) From the Theatre to the Office : An  Analysis of the Managerial  and Leadership Skills and Competences of Medical Superintendents of Public  Hospitals  in Zimbabwe.338-352
  4. Gutu D, Sibanda T and Maibvisira G (2013) An Evaluation of  Project Management Practices in the Zimbabwean Telecommunications IJMT
  5. Chimunda G, Sibanda T ( 2013) Analysis of the Role of Government Funding in Youth Entrepreneurial Growth in Zimbabwe .IJRSS
  6. Ndikudzeyi J, Maibvisa G and Sibanda T ( 2013) The Paradox of Board Effectiveness, Roles and Functions : The case of Zimbabwean Companies . IJMRA


Research in progress

  1. Assessing the key drivers for successful project strategy implementation for the Zimbabwean  manufacturing sector
  2. An assessment of the impact of e- marketing in enhancing the performance of SMEs.
  3. Assessing the use of social media in creating value: A case of youth entrepreneurs in Gweru.
  4. Examining the selection and decision making process for national strategic projects


Key  community engagement activities

  • Training young entrepreneurs in basic project management
  • Working with the Project  management Institute of Zimbabwe (PMIZ) in promoting best practice in the discipline focussing on the Midlands Province and nationally.
  • Assisting the Project Management Institute of Zimbabwe (PMIZ) and serving as external examiner on the Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management.


Industrial Experience 

15 years  in middle and senior management covering project management, general management, logistics, marketing and business strategy  . Worked for Delta Corporation in middle management and the City of Gweru in senior management and acquired valuable experience in all aspects of the business including working with the informal sector and the small to medium enterprises.


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