Staff Profile

/Mr Tenson Tawanda Mugodzwa

Mr Tenson Tawanda Mugodzwa



  • Master of Edudaction (University of Zimbabwe)
  • Bachelor of Education (University of Zimbabwe)
  • Certificate in Education (University of Zimbabwe)

Research Interests:

  • Gender
  • Education
  •  Politics and History


  • Tenson Tawanda Mugodzwa: The incongruities between the school culture and the home background culture: Perceptions from students, teachers and heads in Gweru Urban Secondary Schools, in Zimbabwe Social Sciences Review, vol 1 number 2, Dec 2010. (ISSN 2220-752X).
  • Matope, n and Mugodzwa, T.T. : The prevalence of corporal punishment in Zimbabwean schools in the first decade of the twenty-first century: a case study of Gweru, in the Dyke. A Journal of the Midlands State University, volume 5 number 2, 2011.
  • Matope, N, Mugodzwa,T. T. , maruzani, N :  Inter- linkages between Lobola and Gender- based violence: the perpetuation of economic inequality in Zimbabwe, in             School of Economics and Finance , University of KwaZulu Natal. Discussion paper number 115, 2011.
  • M aruzani, O Manjengwa, S Masiyiwa, T. T. Mugodzwa, D, Mawere, and N, Matope : Meaning and implications of Gender Budgeting : School of Economics and Finance, University of Kwa Zulu- Natal. Discussion paper 116 , 2011.
  • Maruzani Nyevero, Mandipa Esau, Matope Nogget, Mugodzwa Tenson Tawnda, and Chinyoka Tavuyanago : Disability and empowerment in institutions of Higher Learning in Zimbabwe, in IOSR-JHSS, volume 19, Ver. 1v. Aug 2014.
  • Mugodzwa, T. T., Matope,N, Maruzani, N, and Mugodzwa, D, M : Motivations For promiscuous behaviour among some female students in institutions of higher learning in Zimbabwe. The DYKE. A Journal of the Midlands State Universty, volume 7  number 3 , 2013.


Book Publications:

  •  D, Mawere, etal, (2011) INTRODUCTION TO GENDER STUDIES. A STUDENT GUIDE( Booklove Publishers,  ISBN 9780 7974 47530) Contributed the following chapters:

Chapter One: Understanding Gender- Efritha Chauraya and Tennyson Mugodzwa

Chapter Four: Gender Analysis Frameworks and tools- Nogget Matope and Tennyson Mugodzwa

Chapter Five: Gender Issues in Southern Africa- Tennyson, T, Mugodzwa

Chapter Six: Gender Issues in Education- Tennyson T Mugodzwa and Nogget Matope