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/Dr Umali Saidi
Dr Umali Saidi

Position: Senior Lecturer

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  • DPhil Linguistics (MSU, 2016)
  • Post Grad. Dip. Tertiary Education (MSU, 2013)
  • MA . Applied Linguistics (MSU, 2010)
  • BA (Hon.) English & Communication Studies (MSU, 2005)


  • Applied Linguistics
  • Semiotics
  • Communication & Applied Communication
  • Cultural Studies
  • Discourse Analysis (DA), Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) & Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis (MCDA).
  • Onomastics



  • A Pocket Guide to Academic Referencing Africa Institute for Culture, Peace, Dialogue & Tolerance Studies: Harare (76 Pages), 2018


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  • “African Heritage isn’t ‘Dead’: Glitches in Organizing Knowledge and Memories with a Focus on the BaTonga in Zimbabwe,” (in Ngulube Patrick (Ed.) Handbook of Research on Advocacy, Promotion, and Public Programming for Memory Institutions IGI Global Publishers, 2019.
  • Repackaging “Traditional” Architecture of the African Village in Zimbabwe (Chapter 5) in Kabila Hmood (ed.) Urban and Architectural Heritage Conservation within Sustainability DOI: 2019.
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  • With Joshua Matanzima, Religious rituals and socio-economic change: the impact of the Zimbabwe ‘cash crisis’ on the BaTonga Masabe (Alien spirits) ceremony African Identities, Routledge, DOI, 2020
  • With Joshua Matanzima, Landscape, belonging & identity in North-west Zimbabwe: a semiotic analysis African Identities, Routledge DOI https://10.1080/14725843.2020.1777839 , 2020.
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