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/Dr. Wonder Maguraushe
Dr. Wonder Maguraushe

Position: Chairperson

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  • DipEd (UZ),
  • B Ed Music (UZ),
  • MEd Music (UZ)

Research Interests:

  • Ethnomusicology,
  • Popular Music,
  • Music performance,
  • Marimba performance


  • Perceptions and Reflections On Popular Music In Zimbabwe Today.
  • Sungura music’s development in Zimbabwe: The emergence of trendsetters, emulators and copycats.
  • Kupururudzira muroora songs in Muzvezve: Bride welcoming ceremony or relegation of women to the subaltern?
  • The role of music in enhancing Zimbabwean national identity.
  • Insights into ZINTEC graduates’ music teaching competence.
  • The language of contempt and fear: Stanner-Maskiri rivalry in Zimbabwean rap music.
  • The development of music education in Zimbabwe.

Music Album(s)

  • Zvirimudeze

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