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/Mrs B Marufu


  • Mcom Marketing Strategy, Midlands State University
  • Bcom Marketing Management , Midlands State University
  • Diploma in teacher Education for the visually handicapped. United College of Education
  • Cetificate in Education. United College of Education.


  •  Knowledge Management as a Survival Strategy to Enhace Competitive Advantage in the Zimbabwean Tourism Hosipitality European Journal of Business Management  2014
  • Choice and patronage a study of retail consumers in Zimbabwe.Scholedgeinternation journal of management and development January 2015
  • The impact of adopting e-government as a mechanism to enhance accountability as well as transparent conduct within public institutions  Pending publication

Research Interests

  • Ethics in the retail sector

Community Engagement Activities

  • Social responsibility committee
  • ICT Purchasing Committee

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