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/Dr Dorothy Goredema
Dr Dorothy Goredema

Position: Senior Lecturer

Department: Peace Studies


  • PhD in Peace and Historical Studies 
  • MA in African History
  • Grade Certificate in Education 
  • B.A Hons in Economic History

Research interests

  • Reconciliation 
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Women and Liberation 
  • War History 
  • Women in Mediation and Negotiations
  • Conflict & Peacebuilding
  • Elections Analyst and Electoral Violence

Publications and Research


  • A History of Political Parties in Zimbabwe 1980-2000,Lambert Academic Publishing,Saarbrucken,2012.Book co-authored by D.Munemo, P.Chigora and D.Goredema, 2012.
  • The Role of  Property Rights and Tenure in Climate Variability and  Change: A Zimbabwean Experience 1980-2016, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, 2017.

Book Chapters

  • D.Goredema, The Dilemma of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission in the July 31 2018 Elections, African Institute for Culture, Peace , Dialogue and Tolerance Studies, 2019, pp295-306
  • D.Goredema, Dimensions of War-Time Conflicts and Local Conciliatory Systems in Bikita District 1976-1980, in Prospects of Healing and Reconciliation in Zimbabwe, N.M Bhebe(ed), Gweru, Midlands State University Press, 2016.
  • D.Goredema,Prevalence of Power-Sharing Agreements: Lessons from Zimbabwe” in Themes in Contemporary History of Zimbabwe Emerging Perspectives in Afrikology, V,Z Nyawo-Shava (ed),Gweru, Mambo Press,2013.
  • P.Chigora, D.Goredema and T.Chibanda,”Limits to Seeking Power Through Democratic Means: A Case of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in the 21st Century in Selected Development Issues in Zimbabwe, D.Munemo, and J.Matunhu (eds), Gweru, Book love Publishers, 2014, p.g 1-15. .

Articles in Journals

  • Goredema, The Relevance of Inclusivity in Mediation and Negotiation Processes, Journal  of Global Peace and Conflict, vol 3, no.1, 2019.
  • D.Goredema, The limitations of seeking reconciliation through amnesia: Lessons                     from Zimbabwe,Dande Journal of Social Sciences and Communication, vol.3, no.1, 2019.
  • Goredema, In all Fairness can Truth Lead to the Reconciliation of a Divided Zimbabwe,Accepted in the The African Journal of African History and Culture,2 October,  2019.
  • Goredema, Youth: The Missing Link in Zimbabwe`s Peacebuilding Agenda, Journal of Security Studies vol.2.2018
  • D.Goredema, The Pitfalls of seeking Reconciliation through Amnesia: A Case Study of Zimbabwe 1980-2010, Dande Journal of Social Sciences and Communication, vol.3No.1, 2019.
  • Goredema, “The Role of Culture in Reconciliation and  Peace building,”Dande Journal of Social Sciences and Communication, Special Edition on Culture and Heritage, Vol.2, No.1, 2017
  • D.Goredema and Tarugaria.G, Healing and Reconciliation Brewed in a African Pot;Rethinking the Efficacy of Indigenous Conflict Management and Healing Approaches in South-Eastern Zimbabwe,  Journal of Southern Peace Review, vol.4, no.1, pp27-46.
  • Goredema and Nyawo.V.Z, Where State Order Created Conflict and Lawlessness: An Analysis of the Impact of the Native Land Husbandry Act  and Policy of Community Development in Bikita  District 1951-1965, Repositioning the Humanities, Journal of Contemporary Research, Vol.1, No.1, 2015.
  • D.Goredema and Chigora .P, Political Campaigning and Harmonized Elections in 2013: Examining the Strategies, OSSERIA Bulletin, Vol.xi, No.1, pp30-40.
  • Goredema, Chigora .P and Bhebe.Q, Reconciliation in Zimbabwe: Where,When and How?, Journal of Global Peace and Conflict, Vol.2, No.1, pp207-223, 2014.
  • Chigora, p, D. Goredema and Mudeka , I, Underperformance of Students at Institutions of Higher Learning in Zimbabwe in the 21st century: Possible Explanations, OSSREA Bulletin, Vol.xi, No.3, pp12-27, 2014..
  • Mudeka.I, Goredema.D and Mukuhlani T, Socio-Political Repair and National Healing in Zimbabwe in the Context of a Failed Demobilization and a Perpetual War Mentality, Southern Peace Review Journal, Vol.3,  1, pp13-31, 2014.
  • D.Goredema, Nyawo.V.Z and Chigora, P.Land Reform, Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Zimbabwe, Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, Vol.8, no.3, pp146-151, 2011.
  • .V.Nyawo, D.Goredema and M.D King”The Socio-economic Impact of the Chiadzwa Diamond Mining in the Marange Are”, The Dyke, A Journal of the Midlands State University, vol6,no.2, 2012.
  • P.Chigora and D.Goredema, ‘Zimbabwe-Russia Relations in the 21st Century,” Alternatives, Turkish Journal of International Relations, 2011.
  • P.Chigora and D.Goredema,”Zimbabwe-Iran Relations in the 21st Century”, Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, vol13, no.4.2011.
  • D.Goredema and P.Chigora, ”Real Political Empowerment or Political Gimmick?An Experience of Women with Guns Under ZANU PF During the Liberation Struggle 1972-1980, African Journal of History and Culture, vol.3 (2), 2011.
  • D.Goredema, Book Review, “Defying the Winds of Change” by B.Masunungure ,in, Zimbabwe, Political Review, vol 1 no.1 September 2010.
  • D.Goredema and P.Chigora, “Factors Affecting Voting Behaviour and Voting Patterns in Zimbabwe`s 2008 Elections”, Journal of African Policy Studies, vol15, no.2, 2009.
  • Goredema and P.Chigora “Fake Heroines and the Falsification of History in Zimbabwe 1980-2009

Community Engagement

  • International Elections Observer African Union.
  • Researcher.
  • Accredited Member of Femwise Africa-Women in Mediation and Negotiation
  • A member of Community Voices for Peace Pluralism Africa and  Team Zimbabwe Co-ordinator 


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