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/Dr Dorothy Goredema
Dr Dorothy Goredema

Lecturer, Department of History


  •  BA Hons (UZ)
  • Dip.Ed (ZOU)
  • MA (MSU)

Research Interests




  • D. Goredema and P.Chigora,”Fake Heroines and the Falsification of History in Zimbabwe 1980-2009”, in African Journal of History and Culture, vol 1(15), 2009.
  •   D.Goredema and P.Chigora, “Factors Affecting Voting Behavior and Voting Patterns in Zimbabwe`s 2008 Elections” in Journal of African Policy Studies, vol 15, no.2, 2009.e
  •  D.Goredema and P.Chigora, “Real Empowerment or Political Gimmick? An Experience of Women with Guns under ZANU PF during the Liberation Struggle 1972-1980”, African Journal of History and Culture, vol .3(2), 2011.
  •  D. Goredema and P.Chigora,” Zimbabwe-Russia Relations in the 21st Century”, in Turkish Journal of International Relations, vol 9, no.4, 2011
  •  P.Chigora and D.Goredema,”Zimbabwe-Iran Relations in the 21st Century”, Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, vol 13, no.4, 2011
  • D.Goredema, Nyawo V and P.Chigora, “Land Reform and Sustainable Development in Zimbabwe”, in Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, vol 8, no.3, 2011.
  •  P.Chigora, D.Goredema and Chibanda .T, ”Limits to Seeking Power through Democratic Means: A Case of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in the 21st Century, in Social Science Research Network, 2010.
  •  V.Nyawo, D.Goredema and King, M.D,, “The Socio-Economic Impact of the Chiadzwa Diamond Mining in the Marange Area,” The Dyke, A Journal of the Midlands State University, vol, no.2, 2012
  •  D. Munemo, P. Chigora and D. Goredema, The History of Political Parties in Zimbabwe 1980-2000, Lambert Academic Publishing, UK, 2012.
  • D.Goredema, “Prevalence of Power-Sharing Agreements: Lessons from Zimbabwe”, in Themes in Contemporary History of Zimbabwe: Emerging Perspectives in Afrikology, V.Z Nyawo-Shava (ed), Gweru, Mambo Press, 2013.


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