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/Dr Duren Jhamba


  • Master of Arts in Applied English Linguistics
  • Master of Education in Curriculum Studies
  • BED Educational Administration Planning and Policy Studies
  • STC

Research Interest:

  • Sociolinguistics.


  • Jhamba. D. and Green, F.F.(2015) Interrogating the place of IKS imbedded in proverbs as a guide to love and family life counselling in Research Journali’s Journal of Education Vol3/2 February 2015
  • Green, F. F. and Jhamba, D. (2016) Creative ways of using ESL to name children. In IOSR. Journal of Humanities and Social Science Volume 21 . Issue1. (pp 61-65)
  • Jhamba, D. (2016) Nurturing of Exceptional Talent in Early Childhood: a Case Study of Gweru Preschools in JOPAGG International Journal of Politics and Good Governance Volume Vii No7.3
  • Jhamba, D (2016) Women (dis)-empowerment through music in Zimbabwe: the struggle with the construct of a male dominated society. In Repositioning the humanities; journal of contemporary research Vol 2no1 pp 84-87 
  • Jhamba, D. (in press) What’s in a name? An interrogation of gender stereotypes as an integral part the social circumstances that bear on female subjects in Zimbabwean music. In Meyiwe,T. and Cekiso, M. (in press) Names fashioned by gender: stitched perceptions. Pretoria: University of South Africa Press    
  • Jhamba, D. (2019) Exploring the Interplay of sociolinguistic factors in the teaching of  ESL in Zimbabwe PhD Thesis submitted to fort hare university in fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Doctor of Literature and Philosophy in Applied  Linguistics. Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Fort Hare
  • Jhamba D, ( 2019 in press) Exploring the infiltration of imperialist goals in the Zimbabwean language curriculum (Paper presented at Engaged Scholarship Conference: A Tribute to Samir Amin)  Cape Town University : Cape Town 


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