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/Mrs Faith Chipo Zengeni
Mrs Faith Chipo Zengeni
Mrs Faith Chipo Zengeni

Position: Lecturer

Department: Sociology
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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology Candidate (Rhodes University)
  • Master of Science in Sociology and Social Anthropology (University of Zimbabwe)
  • Bachelor of Science Honours in Sociology (University of Zimbabwe)

Research interests

  • Gender and the workplace
  • Organisational change and workplace restructuring
  • Child based social policies

Publications and Conference Presentations:

  • Mabvurira, V., Chigevenga, R., Kambarami-Zengeni, F., Nyoni, C., and Chavhi, R. 2017. Child Abuse Research in Southern Africa: The realities of children in prostitution in Zimbabwe: A case of Beitbridge and Plumtree border towns, Child Abuse Research in South Africa, Volume 18 Number 2, pp.68-76
  • Kambarami-Zengeni, F. (2017, September). Impact of Information Communication Technology on the Post Office: Do Postal Services have a sustainable future?, Paper presented at the 8th Interdisciplinary Post Graduate Conference, Rhodes University, South Africa 29-30 September 2017
  • Kambarami-Zengeni, F., (2015, September). Using alternative resources to bridge the digital divide, Paper presented at the Alternative Visions of Society: Negotiating the Future Impact of the Social Sciences, University of  South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa 
  • Kambarami-Zengeni, F., (2015, November). The realities of children in prostitution in Zimbabwe. Paper presented at the Child Sensitive Social Policies International Conference, Harare, Zimbabwe

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