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/Mrs Flosie Florence Green
Mrs Flosie Florence Green

Position: Lecturer

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Academic Qualifications

  • 2012 Master of Arts Applied English Linguistics (MSU)
  • 2011 Master of Science Student Affairs (MSU)
  • 1995 Bachelor of Arts (UNISA)

Proffessional Qualifications

  • 2005 Post Graduate Certificate in Environmental Education (Rhodes University)
  • 2005 Certificate of Competence in VCT Counselling
  • 2004 Basic HIV/Aids Counselling Certificate
  • 1982 Secondary Teachers Certificate (UZ)

Research Interests:

  • Applied Linguistics- ESL usage, challenges and innovations in Zimbabwe
  • Sociolinguistics and the politics of language use.

Articles in refereed/ peer reviewed Journals

  • Green F F and Jhamba D (2014) Words as Raw Materials in Wealth Creation Research Journal in Organizational Psychology and Educational Studies .Manuscript/Invoice No. 01/14.09/RJOPES.

Published Books And Chapters

  • Green F F (2014) Sophie. Gweru: Book Love Publishers (at Press)
  • Green FF(2006) Secreats in Zimbabwe Women Writers Quartely July 2006and Winner of the Norma Kiston Award.
  • Green F F (2006) Sophie in Light a Candle.Harare: Zimbabwe Women Writers.
  • Green FF (2009) My Home Became a House in Nkala B.(ed) (2010) Rainbow After a Storm. Harare: Radiant Publishers.
  • Green FF (2010) ImihloloIyahlolelana, IlungeloLesilolingagabhelaelabantuYebo? And IlifalikaLifa in Nkala B. (ed) Thaph’ Uluju .Harare:Radiant Publishers.

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