Staff Profile

/Mrs Fungai Mutema

Mrs Fungai Mutema

Lecturer, Communication
 Skills Centre.


Research Interests:

Early childhood education, Family communication and emergent literacy.


  • Mutema, F. & Mariko, I. (2012) “Common errors in Second Language (L2)
speakers’ Written texts. A case of first year first semester (L1:S2) Arts 
students at Midlands State University: An error analysis approach.” Modern Journal ofAppliedLinguistics, 4(4) 218-236
  • Mutema, F. (2013) “Breaking the silence: Common between parents and
secondary school adolescents in the context of HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe: A case
of Mkoba High density suburb, Gweru”, Journal of Emerging Trends in
Educational Research and Policy Studies JETERAPS 4(4); 604-612.
  • Mutema, F. (2013) “Shona traditional children’s games and songs as a form
of indigenous knowledge: An endangered genre,” IOSR Journal of 
Humanities and social science 15(3):
  • Mutema, F. &Njanji T. M. L. (2013) “Tofiraushe! Nhamoinesu! Naming as
negotiation for space in contemporary Zimbabwe”. Research Journal in
Engineering and Applied Sciences 2(4): 251-255.