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/Dr Moreen Mugomba


  • PhD Langauges and Literature ( University of Fort Hare)
  • MA Applied English Linguistics (MSU)
  • MEd Sociology (MSU)
  • BEd English (MSU)
  • DipEd English (UZ)

Research Interests:

  • Sociolinguistics
  • Women Empowerment
  • Discourse Analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis, Political Discourse Analysis
  • Use of language in education


  • Mugomba, M . (2018). A Hysterical and Historical Ascent to Power in Zimbabwe and Implications for Political Stability: Dynamics of Hysterical and Historical Downfall from Power. Journal of African Interdisciplinary Studies. 2(4), 104 – 115.
  • Mugomba, M. (2016) “Pay the Teacher Extra In Order To Pass – The Provision of Incentives in Secondary Schools Versus The Enhancement of Quality of Education in Zimbabwe”, Research Journali’s Journal of Education 4(10) October 2016: 1-7.
  • Matandare, S. and Mugomba, M. (2016) “Nhasi Todya Rice Ne Chicken: Shona-English Contact and the Effects of Code-Mixing”, Journal of Emerging Trends in Educational Research and Policy Studies (JETERAPS) 7(4): 264-270.
  • Matandare, S. and Mugomba, M. (2015) “Charismatic Leadership and the Socio-Economic Transformation of the Church”, International Journal of Humanities and Social Science  5 ( 6): 169-174.
  • Mugomba, M. and Matandare, S. (2015) “The Acquisition – Learning Distinction: A Critique of Krashen’s Monitor Model”, Journal of Emerging Trends in Educational Research and Policy Studies (JETERAPS) 6(2): 198-200.
  • Mugomba, M. (2014) “I am because we are”: Transforming the African Traditional Logic into the New World, Madirativhange -Journal of African Indigenous Languages and Literature, 1(2): 44-50.
  • Mugomba, M. and Matandare, S. (2013) “A cry for equality in leadership positions: Marginalisation of women in the Zimbabwean political arena”, Research Journal in Organisational Psychology and Educational Studies, RJOPES ISSN 2276-8475, 296), Nov 2013: pp303-7.

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