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/Mrs Moreen Mugomba
Mrs Moreen Mugomba

Lecturer, Communication Skills Centre.


  • MA Applied English Linguistics (MSU)
  • MEd Sociology (MSU)
  • BEd English (MSU)
  • DipEd English (UZ)

Research Interests:

Socio-linguistics, Women Empowerment, Appraisal Theory and Discourse Analysis.


  • Mugomba Moreen and Matandare  Soneni; “A cry for equality in  leadership positions: Marginalisation of women  in the Zimbabwean political arena”, Research Journal in Organisational Psychology and Educational Studies, RJOPES ISSN 2276-8475,296),Nov 2013,pp303-7
  • Mugomba Moreen; “I am because we are”: Transforming the African Traditional Logic into the New World, Madirativhange-Journal of African Indigenous Languages and Literature  ,1(2),April 2014
  • Mugomba Moreen and Matandare  Soneni; “The Acquisition –Learning Distinction : A critique of Krashen’s Monitor Model”, Journal of Emerging Trends  in Educational Research and Policy Studies(JETERAPS),April 2015, 6(2)pp198-200,ISSN2141-6990
  • Matandare Soneni and Mugomba Moreen; “The Charismatic Leadership and the Socio-Transformation of the Church”, International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 5 (6) June 30, 2015, pp169-174

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