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/Mrs O. Chivivi
Mrs O. Chivivi

Position: Lecturer

Department: Business Management


  • Masters in Commerce Marketing Strategy (2008 )
  • Bachelor of commerce Business Management (2006 )
  • Bachelor of technology Education Management (2001 )
  • Certificate in Education (1990)

Research Interests:

  • Knowledge management,
  • Organisational behaviour,
  • Learning Organisation,
  • Marketing of tourist destinations.


  • Advertising strategies and tactics applied by Flea Market Traders to alleviate poverty in Zimbabwe. A case of Mupedzanhamo and Global Flea Market, Gweru. European Journal of Business and Management, ISSN 2222-1905, Vol 6. No 27. (2014 ) co-authors – Orpah Onwards Chivivi, Painos Moyo, Nyasha Mapuwei.
  • Press and Environmental Management Agency (EMA )’S Active Role in Reporting and monitoring Environmental Degradation caused by Small Scale Artisanal Gold Panning in Zimbabwe. A case Shurugwi Peri Urban. Journal of Environment and Earth Science, ISSN 2224-3216, Vol, 5. No 17. (2015 )Painos Moyo, Orpah Onwards Chivivi, Nyasha Mapuwei, Caven Masuku
  • An analysis of the HR control systems aimed at curbing misconduct cases in the Education sector, International Journal SAMANM of Business and Social Sciences( ISBSSO ISSN 2308-2372, Vol.2, No, 1 page 61-78 co-authors Chivivi O and Nyathi N. (2014)
  • Knowledge management a survival strategy to enhance competitive advantage in the Zimbabwean Tourism and Hospitality. European Journal of Business Management ISSN 2222- 1905 ISSN (online ) 2222-2839 Co-authors Zvobgo Clement and Orpah Onwards Chivivi (2014 )
  • The impact of Government support schemes on SMEs growth and survival in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe: International journal of physical and social sciences volume3,issue1, ISSN:2249-5894, PAGE 65-76:.Chivivi ° O( 2013).
  • The impact of Emotional Intelligence on customer service delivery in the commercial banks of Zimbabwe: International Journal of Management ,IT, and Engineering, volume 3, issue 4, ISSN:2249-0558, page 65-79 :Chivivi 0, Mashingaidze S,Mafumbate J(2013)
  • An analysis of the internal disciplinary systems used in redressing employee indiscipline in the Delta Beverages transport services :International Journal of Management, IT, Engineering, volume 3, issue 4, ISSN.2249-0558 page 80-94 :Mafumbate J, Ndlovu N, Mafuka A, Chivivi,O, (2013)
  • An evaluation of the effectiveness- of Auditing on fraud management in the Zimbabwean medical industry, International Journal of Management, IT, and Engineering, volume 3, issue 7,ISSN 2249-0558 page 73.,.86.Mafumbate J, Chivivi 0, Mafuka A, Ndlovu N, (2013)
  • Press and Politics: A look at the role played by Zambia in Zimbabwe’s fight for independence as perceived by Zimbabwean newspaper, The Sunday Mail. New Media and Mass Communication, ISSN-2224, Vol, 41. Co- authors Nyasha Mapuwei, Painos Moyo, Orpah Onwards Chivivi. (2015 ) 


-Alumni 2009- 2014

-Indigenous  knowledge 2015-

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