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/Mrs P R Manhondo
Mrs P R Manhondo

Position: Lecturer

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  • MSc Medical Microbiology  (UZ)
  • BSc Applied Biology and Biochemistry (Honours) (NUST)
  • PDTE (MSU)

Research Interests:

  • Microbiology-Pathogenic bacteria
  • Antimicrobial profiles
  • Zoonotic diseases

Community engagement:

  • Fish ponds projects in Chivi


  • Petronillah Rudo Sichewo, Robert Kudzanayi Gono, John Muzondiwa and Willard Mungwadzi. Isolation and identification of pathogenic bacteria in edible fish: A case study of rural aquaculture projects feeding livestock manure to fish in Zimbabwe. Int.J.Curr.Microbiol.App.Sci.2014.3(11): 897-904
  • Sichewo P.R., Gono R.K., Muzvondiwa J.V. and Nyoni S. Isolation and identification of pathogenic bacteria in edible fish: A case study of Fletcher dam in Gweru, Zimbabwe.  J. of Science and Research. 2013, 2(9).
  • Muzvondiwa J.V., Gono R.K. and Sichewo P.R. Impacts of Agricultural Activities on Water Quality in the Dufuya Dombos Lower Gweru, Zimbabwe. International Journal of Science and Research. 2013, Volume 2(9).
  • K. Gono, J.Dube, Sichewo P.R. and J.V. Muzvondiwa Constraints and opportunities to rabbit production in Zimbabwe: A case study of the Midlands Province, Zimbabwe. International J. of Science and Research. 2013, Volume 2 (10).
  • Robert K. Gono , John Muzondiwa, Irene Chihanga ,Petronillah R. Manhondo Socio-economic factors affecting the successful implementation of aquaculture projects in Zimbabwe-A case study of Chivi District. Livestock Research for Rural Development. Volume 27, Article # 27.
  • K. Gono, J. Muzvondiwa, P.R.Manhondo. Acaricide resistance in two tick species of veterinary importance in Zimbabwe. A case study of tick resistance to amitraz in the Mazowe District. Midlands State University Journal of Science and Technology Volume 5(2),2014.
  • R.Sichewo , R.K. Gono , J. Muzondiwa. Impact of Integrated Fish Farming on the levels of human pathogenic bacteria in a Pond environment. (Accepted by Livestock Research for Rural Development)


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