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/Mrs Ronicah Mupemhi

Research Interests:

  • International Marketing


  • Mupemhi. S.& Mupemhi R (2006).Understanding Service failure and complaint management in marketing oriented organizations: A Review, Dyke.
  • Mupemhi. S., Duve, R & Mupemhi. R (2011) The impact of the Internet on Agro-marketing: A case of food processing and exporting SMEs in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Business Management Studies.
  • Mupemhi.S & Mupemhi. R (2012) Branding in Emerging markets: Lessons for Zimbabwe. International Journal of Management and Business Studies (IJMBS).
  • Mupemhi. S., Duve. R & Mupemhi. R (2013) Factors affecting the Internationalisation of Manufacturing SMEs in Zimbabwe, ICBE Policy brief, Trust


Awarded the Investment Climate for Business Environment (ICBE), a joint initiative of the Trust Africa and IDRC grant to research on factors affecting the internationalization of manufacturing SMEs in Zimbabwe. This was successfully carried and the report appears on their website www,



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