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/Mrs Sharon R.T. Chilunjika
Mrs Sharon R.T. Chilunjika
Mrs Sharon R.T. Chilunjika

Position: Lecturer

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  • Master of Public Administration, University of Zimbabwe (2019)
  • BSc Hons in Administration, University of Zimbabwe (2014)

Research Interests:

  • Public Management
  • Public health management
  • E-government
  • Public sector Accounting and Auditing
  • Public sector Human Resources


  1. Chilunjika A, Daky Dhowoch L.O, Chilunjika S.R.T. 2020. Secession and the Political Economy of South Sudan from 2011 to 2017. International Journal of African Renaissance Studies- Multi-inter and Transdisciplinarity Vol 15 issue 2.
  2. Chilunjika S.R.T and Chilunjika A. 2020. Dynamics surrounding the implementation of the Primary Health Care PHC Approach in Zimbabwe’s Rural Areas: The case of Mt Darwin District from 2009-2012. International Journal of Clinical interventions and Medical Science Vol 3 issue 1.
  3. Chilunjika S.R.T, Mutizwa B and Chilunjika A. 2020. Unpacking the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Zimbabwe’s public sector. Journal of Humanities and Social Science Vol 2 issue 3.
  4. Masiyakurima P, Chilunjika A and Chilunjika S.R.T. 2020. Challenged faced in the implementation of the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation ZIMASSET Economic Policy from 2013 to 2018. International Journal of Humanities, Management and Social Science Vol 3 issue 2.
  5. Chilunjika A and Chilunjika S.R.T. 2021. Twinning arrangements and service delivery in Zimnanawe’s local authorities: The case of Bulawayo City Council (Zimbabwe) and eThekwini Municipality ( South Africa). Journal of Local Government Research and Innovation, Vol 2.a37.DOI
  6. Chilunjika S.R.T., Zimano F.R., and Chilunjika A. 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic and Sexual Reproductive Health needs of women and adolescent girls in Zimbabwe. International Journal  of Behavioural and Health Care Research,Vol 8 Nos1/2 pp 59-73

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