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/Mrs Tariro Ndawana
Mrs Tariro Ndawana



  •  Master of Science in Media and Society Studies (Midlands State University)
  •  Post- Graduate Diploma in Media and Society Studies (Midlands State University)
  •  Bachelor of Arts in English and Communication (Zimbabwe Open University)
  •  Diploma in Education (Gweru Teachers’ College-University of Zimbabwe)

Research Interests

  • Broadcasting,
  • radio production,
  • gender, governance,
  • political communication,
  • media regulation,
  • religion and media marketing



  •  How democratic are National FM’s efforts to promote ethnic identities in Zimbabwe?
  •  The relationship of the media and the judiciary in a democracy: The case of Zimbabwe
  •  Vanguard parties and governance in Africa: Dimensions of battling for states
  •  Fostering Gender Equality: A case of Radio Zimbabwe and National FM

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